New full length video: December 21, 2012, “Crossing Over”

Here’s one for viewing over the weekend. Yet another interpretation! And see this and this and this and this!

Video: 2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning OFFICIAL FILM

December 7, 2012
by BraveArcherFilms via

‘A World of Love is Coming!’ This is the OFFICIAL RELEASE of the Full Length Documentary film ’2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning’ Now available for free to view!

Plot: Dec 21, 2012 is on everyone’s mind. What will it bring? Is it the end of the world? A new beginning for mankind? Or just another year on the calendar? Brave Archer Films presents ’2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning.’

The feature doco explores a positive spiritual perspective on the events of Dec 21, 2012. The film investigates the galactic alignment, consciousness awakening, cycles of evolution, our binary star system with Sirius, the fear agenda in the media, who’s behind it, love vs fear and much more.

The film is loaded with amazing revelations of the current times we live in, from exceptional astrologer and teacher Santos Bonacci, spiritual leaders Bud Barber, George Neo and much more. The doco is shot entirely in Full HD, illustrated with high end animations and includes original music by Jonathan Kent. (Note: The track used in the trailer is by SimilarD)

Film Credits:

Written, Directed, Edited & Produced by: Amel Tresnjic

Cinematography & Visual Effects: Amel Tresnjic

Including Original Music by: Jonathan Kent

Produced by Brave Archer Films®

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