December 3, 2012: Mercury/Venus/Saturn align with the tippy tops of three Giza Pyramids.

A post with this photo, first published on beforeitsnews August 19, 2012, came up on its Alternative News just a few days ago. I saw it there, didn’t post it here, but then my brother-in-law John sent it to me again today, The Day. So here you go!

What does it mean? I have absolutely no idea. But I love the fact that more and more people are bridging Above and Below in lots of different ways. At least we’re not all just looking down anymore! This photo apparently taken one hour before this morning’s sunrise at Giza.

BTW: Venus and Mercury circle between Earth and the Sun, and have short cycles. So from Earth’s point of view, they can’t get very far away from each other and they have frequent conjunctions. Plus, both of them, either separately or together, move past slowly moving Saturn at least once a year. But at that specific spot in the sky and with just that separation from each other? That apparently, is what is so unusual. . .

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4 Responses to December 3, 2012: Mercury/Venus/Saturn align with the tippy tops of three Giza Pyramids.

  1. Aliya says:

    Who took this photo?

  2. Snopes actually had a good article about this, which debunked the parts that were questionable but supported what was truth with truth (I thought): Planetary Alignment Over Giza.

    Yesterday was a very significant day for me is all I can say. Then this morning a little before 4 am, I was awoken with very strange symptoms and peeked out my window (often there is something like the full moon outside my window when this happens of late), and I saw Orion low in the horizon. There were four planets/stars in near alignment with the belt of Orion at that moment, and it made me think of this one (most say that they pyramids at Giza are in the same alignment as Orion’s Belt).

    I am not sure what it means for me beyond its being a sign to me that things are moving and happening as they should, but it was a very interesting moment for me. Thank goodness I got to go back to sleep shortly after that energetic download. It was a really uncomfortable one, I have to say.


    • After I put up that post, I read somewhere that the alignment of Venus/Mercury/Saturn signified the communication (Mercury) of the anchoring (Saturn) of the energies of Love (Venus) on Earth. On the other hand, I thought, lying in bed last night, it could signify the limits (Saturn) of our capacity to communicate (Mercury) love (Venus). Or, maybe the structure (Saturn) of money (Venus) getting attention (Mercury). Or even: sharing the fact that (Mercury) the value (Venus) of money (Venus) is limited (Saturn)! On and on and on . . .

      As usual, all versions are true in some universe or other. If you can imagine it, then it is!

      Thanks, Karin, for your reflections.

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