Permaculture teacher Peter Bane: How to remove our subsistence needs from the money economy

Permaculture4inMENPeter and his partner Keith Johnson live just down the road from me. They run the magazine Permaculture Activist at Renaissance Farm, a demonstration permaculture farmstead of less than two acres. Along with another permaculture teacher, Rhonda Baird, Peter and Keith have been teaching permaculture to lots of folks around here for a number of years (especially IU undergraduates, for credit!)

This video was made in October 2011. In September 2012 Peter finally finished and published his eagerly awaited book, The Permaculture Handbook. This is a hefty reference book that I will be consulting forever.

Peter and Keith and Rhonda were my permaculture teachers, back when I took the two-week Permaculture Design Course, in 2007.

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