December 21, 2012: As humanity prepares to rebirth itself . . .

Nobody said it wouldn’t be a bloody mess! See more Amazing Birth Photos.


We women who have given birth — to persons, projects, dreams — know with every fiber of our being that this power of creation lies within all human beings; that this endlessly regenerating Love powers the play of the universe. No exceptions.

Who better to show the new way for that old, tired, lop-sided male energy, that tense, self-serving energy that has fostered competition at the expense of cooperation, one-up-manship instead of all-togetherness, collections of objects over the communion of subjects . . .

Calling All Women!

Let’s go!

The Rebirth of the New Divine Feminine Energy

August 15, 2012

by Luminessa Enjara



There is something exciting afoot these days that has been percolating for decades. This “something” is a new way of being for women and all people everywhere.

For thousands of years the feminine energy has struggled to stay alive in a male dominated world. This energy has re-surged throughout history for periods of time. When it has thrived we have called it a Golden Age, for music, medicine, science, art, love and life have flourished. The old ideas of competition, might over right, private ownership, greed, domination and war virtually did not exist. Peace and prosperity reigned during these times and feminine based values of collaboration, co-creation, connection to the natural world and to each other.

It has been several thousand years since the world has experienced a true Golden Age and a world and to our divinity, where all life was revered were honored and celebrated. Not since the Renaissance in Europe, have we known such a rebirth of art, science, and medicine where many of the patriarchal values shifted allowing the feminine to come forth once again. It has been foretold for thousands of years by both the Mayan Calendar and Vedas that 2012 was the beginning of another Golden Age, one that would last for 10,000 years. This Golden Age would be like no other for it would be during this time that a new world would be born. This world would once again bring into balance the masculine and feminine principles of life allowing the feminine energy to lead the way, but not the feminine as we have known it but in its new form, the Solar Feminine.

The Solar Feminine began to stream onto the planet with the Venus Transit. We saw Venus in front of the Sun which was blazing its light behind and through her. Venus, the symbol of the love and the Divine Feminine, is now in front of the Sun which has been traditionally viewed as masculine. The feminine is now in the forefront of masculine energy but the masculine is supporting the feminine this time. There is no need for the feminine to go underground to survive in a male dominated world but rather to thrive, be fully seen and supported by all.

The world is now ready to open its arms in a more loving embrace toward the feminine and has begun to truly see that embracing feminine values is not only a more conscious and loving way to live but a necessity if we are to survive. The New Divine Feminine is allowing a renaissance, rebirth of feminine based values to lead us into our promised Golden Age or The Age of Light.

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  1. Rita says:

    Amazing birth photo! Not too late to catch the episodes of “Call the Midwife” on PBS streaming. A beautiful series depicting birth, life, death all held in the cradle of love. Streaming availability ends December 3rd.

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