Alan Watts: how to set one’s direction in an authentic manner

Watts: It’s so important to consider this question, “If money were no object, ‘What do I desire?”

This is exactly how I set the course for my life. And it has separated me internally from those who (usually fruitlessly) follow the money; so that’s the downside: separation, the sense that we live in two different worlds.

On the other hand, those few who do nurture that original flame, who do follow their original nature, why, Nature takes care of us! And when we meet each other, we know who we are, and we rejoice.

May we all wake up to our unique inner passion. To the one that fuels us, keeps us warm, no matter how cold the night.

If each of us followed our nature, the universe would dance in harmony.

Do what you love, or there is a hole in the universe where you’re supposed to be.

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