How many mammograms have you refused?

It’s hard for me not to feel smug. “Smug.” The word my mother would use to label me, put me on notice. In part, she was trying to keep me “in line.” My individuality and directness and fiery provocateur personality scared her. And I realize now that she felt scared for me, that I might stand out enough to get trounced by the patriarchy, which lived, in full, at home, in the person of my stern German doctor father. He was the stoners. I was Hypatia.

And in part, Mom was (unconsciously? or did she always know what she was doing) warning me about the dangers of ego. For that, I am deeply grateful.

Why “smug”? Because I never did consent to a mammogram, in all these decades I’ve lived on this unusual planet where we utilize methods designed to kill and pretend they are designed to cure. I always said that mammograms cause cancer.

So here we have the natural news, Mike Adams, Health Ranger, his decidedly acidic, and I’d say equally smug, view of the situation.

How many mammograms have you refused? This might be a good litmus test of whether or not you’ve been “towing the line.”

Step out of line and step right up, folks. We’re going to need a thunder of humans — “thunder,” like “flock” of geese, or “murder” of crows. Not just a gathering, but a thundering. The clanging of pots and pans in the Quebec student protest last year has come the closest to it, so far. What can we do to increase the intensity, depth, and volume? Do a drum circle, maybe, everyone on their drums at the same time, all over the Earth? Playing for and with each other, all windows and doors open to the wind carrying our oh so human and beautiful rhythms to all corners of the world.

Let us move underneath the consumer society to something more primal that connects us on a visceral level. The level of our bodies, our sensuality, where we are part of the Earth. Each of our bodies an ultra-sensitive antenna for Earth. Let us begin to feel Earth through our bodies, through the contact our soles (souls) have with every step we take. Earth “grounds” us, holds us down, stable, in place. Without Earth we would simply lift off like wisps of cloud. Earth forges us, breathes fire into the air of our imaginings. Makes us “real,” 3D, full of feeling. That’s the secret of 3D: it’s the place where we learn how to fully feel, and to let our feelings be our guide while we at the same time we cultivate a witness consciousness that sees all with detachment and compassion. The more centered the witness, the more fully we feel our feelings, the more internal space opens; feelings, fully felt, transform, fertilizing new life. The transformation of feeling is the engine of evolution. From hatred and polarity to love and connectedness. That rushing wind of separation finally turns and rushes in the other direction, equally fierce, and rejoicing.

Shock study: Mammograms a medical hoax, over one million American women maimed by unnecessary ‘treatment’ for cancer they never had

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  1. Pamela says:

    I don’t know if they are malicious by intent. Maybe. I wonder.
    I do know I have felt strongly repulsed by them.
    The whole idea of, “OK, now, we are going to squish your boobs flat between two metal slabs and then radiate them” just never made sense to me. I do recognize not everyone agrees with this perspective.

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