Must we free our minds to free up “Free Energy”?

Whenever I talk with my friend Lucille about free energy technologies, she freaks out. Lucille has been an environmentalist and sustainability teacher, practitioner, and advocate for over three decades, and she’s sure that whatever free energy system we bring on line we will use to further desecrate the planet.

When I talk with permaculturists, they usually poo-poo the idea of free energy, since they seem to be married to current physics, especially the Second Law of Thermodynaics (entropy) which assumes Earth’s biosphere is a closed system. For some weird reason, many permaculturists don’t think beyond Earth’s biosphere — with the one glaring exception: their rightful worship of the Sun, responsible for all life on Earth. The more “biodynamic” (or pagan, or Farmer’s Almanac devotees) among them also look to the phases of the Moon to determine the best time to plant and harvest. Otherwise, it’s my impression that permaculturists just don’t see or think beyond current physics. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Or is it just that they realize that, as designers, they can’t design something of which they know nothing? Or that in order to design anything, you need to assume that you know (limit) the parameters of both the problem and the solution? Aaaah . . .

Things like the persistent drought of last summer may make permaculturists pause. What’s going on? What is really responsible for climate change? Though most humans like to say we are, that our industrial society has warmed the planet, there are more and more respectable types (i.e., not just David Wilcock, who was talking about interplanetary climate change years ago and who woke me up to that possibility) who are saying that the entire solar system is warming up. Whoops? What does that imply for Earth’s biosphere as an (even relatively, except for Sun and Moon . . .) closed system?

But let’s return to what now looks like a relatively simple perplexity, whether or not Lucille is right. Is she? Sterling Allen, of pesn, addresses exactly Lucille’s trepidation.

Oh yeah, before I forget, here’s a relatively current “free energy,” or at least let’s call it “there’s no such thing as waste” energy report out of Oregon: Oregon Breakthrough in Generating Electricity from Wastewater

Will exotic free energy not arrive until a sufficient awakening happens?

Given that on a global scale, the emergence of exotic free energy technologies gives us an option to bypass the total bondage phase of the historic cycle, it makes sense that waking up will be a necessary pre-requisite to activating such a bypass of that step.

Earlier this week, I did an interview with Beryl Thomas and Melanie Gabriel as part of their Wired for Success series.

November 25, 2012

by Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

I’ve been involved in this quest for exotic free energy technology for more than a decade now.

By “exotic free energy technology”, I refer to devices that harness the wheelwork of nature to extract energy in a new way that doesn’t correspond to principles of physics as they are presently understood by mainstream science. These devices hold the promise of being clean, non-polluting, safe, reliable, and very affordable. They will empower the individual to become independent of the powers that be.

But what if these technologies came forward before society is sufficiently evolved spiritually? Would they work to our collective progress or to our detriment?

When I first embarked on the quest, from my vantage point at that time (not knowing how long it takes to bring things to market, even of conventional technologies), I thought we might be one year away from some of these things arriving in the market. As I looked around at the various claims and companies pursuing these things, it just seemed like we were very close.

The next year, I thought the same thing. And the next, and the next; and I still think that. Hopefully within a year, at least one of these modalities will emerge into commercial availability.

The skeptic would say that the reason none of these things have made it to market is because they are bogus. The immutable laws of physics are correct, and these devices that appear to violate those laws as they are understood, just don’t work. They’ll never make it to market because they are impossible.

Obviously, I don’t share that view. Rather, I believe that the best breakthroughs are most likely to come from outside of the establishment by people who are willing to think outside the box, test, refine, improve, eventually coming up with technologies that will not only be clean, but quite simple, and very cheap. Historically, many of the greatest breakthroughs don’t come via the status quo. “New wine cannot be put into old bottles lest they burst,” is how Jesus phrased the phenomenon.

And it’s not just one type of technology that is getting ready to emerge into the marketplace. There are several modalities, and each modality has several teams working on a particular embodiment of that modality, some holding more promise than others. But all appear to be making progress, for the most part.

Yes, plenty of these claims that pop up end up being bogus or fraudulent. No doubt about that. And it is possible that some of the ones that we presently are tracking that seem the most promising could end up being bogus or fraudulent. We’ve certainly been fooled many times before. The quest is not for the faint-hearted or squeamish — and certainly not for those who are worried about maintaining their reputation in the world. Such a disposition is incompatible for the pioneers who forge new ground and push the borders of science, politics, economics, heath, education, spirituality, as well as other frontiers.

As I’ve watched the maturation of this field of exotic free energy, one thing that is becoming clear to me is that a higher power — call it God, angels, the universal oneness — is involved both in the guiding of the development of these technologies as well as in orchestrating the timing of their emergence.

It’s not just like all we need to do is find a working technology and get it to market. There seems to be a pre-requisite set of conditions that need to be met prior to these technologies coming in to general availability. This is probably because if they came out prior to those conditions being met, they might be misused in ways you and I might not yet anticipate.

In the past couple of years as I’ve been doing various interviews, I have been drawing an analogy between an addict and our culture in general. Our society exhibits all of the attributes of an addict, including denial about our dependency (e.g. to entitlements, oil, to a corrupt political structure and their presstitute media, etc.), persistence in destructive behaviors, powerlessness to change our tendencies in and of ourselves, and our addiction appearing blatantly obvious to those who are awakened and observing.

When it comes to their addiction, the addict has basically three choices to make: 1) die, and have to deal with the issue in the next life; 2) “hit the wall”, grovel for an extended time in the mess their life has plummeted them into, wake up because of the awfulness their choices have presented to them, and turn their life around — not easy but possible, with help from a higher power; 3) see the writing on the wall, and wake up before hitting the wall, going into a program of recovery, including turning to a higher power.

Will we as a society have to hit the wall before we wake up? Or will we see the handwriting on the wall and wake up before we hit the wall?

When it comes to the analogy for civilization, “hitting the wall” will entail a total meltdown — the end of life as we have known it; a Mad Max type of existence, with infrastructure destroyed, government gone to anarchy, marauding bands seeking for what scraps of food might be left.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to see society have to get that extremely disrupted before they finally wake up. I like warm showers.

But that is where we are headed, if we don’t wake up in time.

The condition for spiritual healing is a broken heart and contrite spirit, turning to God; which is answered by a mighty change of heart (“baptism of fire”), a changed disposition. A new person emerges.

What is true of individuals is also true collectively. As society collectively gets into bondage, a collective change of heart is what is needed, through a collective turning to a higher power.

Using this metaphor literally, could it be that these exotic free energy technologies are poised to play the temporal role of a “higher power” — we’re talking energy that is ever-present, non-depleting, non-polluting, and so cheap that it will seem nearly free — a gift of salvation? I don’t mean to be sacrilegious, and I certainly don’t mean to suggest that the emergence of exotic free energy technologies is akin to a spiritual bestowal from divinity — or is that exactly what it is?

In studying the cycles of history as briefly outlined below in “The Tytler Cycle in History”, we are at the point of “dependence”, headed toward “bondage.” Using the addict analogy, the “bondage” corresponds to “hitting the wall”. Can we avert the full bondage by choosing to awaken now, rather than once our chains set heavily upon us?

If people opt for the “higher power” in this case, the clean, affordable, non-polluting, gift from nature; then they could avert the economic meltdown that the powers that be have engineered for the planet to turn us into their slaves.

Given that on a global scale, the emergence of exotic free energy technologies gives us an option to bypass the total bondage phase of the above cycle, it makes sense that waking up will be a necessary pre-requisite to activating such a bypass of that step.

What does “waking up” entail? Without getting into dogma, generally speaking, I think we would be safe to include the following attributes:

  • Realizing the awful situation we’ve descended into as a civilization by allowing a cabal to wrest control of our governments, media, education, energy, health, and religions.
  • Asserting our God-given right to stand as independent agents, not under their control, taking responsibility for our own thinking, beliefs, and choices.
  • Acknowledging our own mistakes/sins/culpability in allowing this situation to get to where it has.
  • Turning to a higher power for assistance in breaking free of the control that has been wielded over us.
  • With reliance on a higher power, seeking after enlightened attributes such as: love, patience, forgiveness, justice, mercy, courage, sincerity, integrity.
  • With this new heart as our foundation, step into our individual, foreordained missions to bring about a better world.

Something to think about.

Here’s an interview I did this week talking about these kinds of things.

  • The Empowerment of Breakthrough Free Energy – Free Energy is about to change the face of our lives forever… imagine significantly reduced energy bills for clean energy! Your domestic energy, your car, travel of all kinds, including anti-gravity space travel – all of this will begin to be available to us within a few months or maybe a year. (WiredForSuccess; November 22, 2012)

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  1. Good subject Ann.

    Yes, the green environmental-political movement fears that cheap energy. They participate in the elite top-down suppression going on for “Free Energy” and anything that enables us to get off the grid and run household appliances, well pumps, and other engines of commerce. This surprising position is reported by at least two sources (Gordon Duff on “Coast to Coast AM”, I think, and also Brian O’Leary at the “Zurich Conference: Brian O’Leary on Free Energy:

    How ironic that it appears to be an elite group of greens that would be the final dictators and suppressors against human liberation. The fear-based green suppression assumes runaway human population to about 25-billion souls on Earth.

    The more likely scenario given cheap energy of course is the cultural anthropologists’ scenario: that humankind liberated from its day-to-day toil turns inward for enlightenment and finds it, thus dealing with population growth in ways we can not yet know. Only time will tell. I vote for zero point energy and the human enlightenment choice:

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