Speaking of Ascension . . .

I’ve noticed a certain tendency towards what I can only call “fundamentalism” on the part of many people who are looking forward to December 21, 2012, and “Ascension.” I say fundamentalism because of a prevailing attitude which seems way too literal and simplistic, and therefore, not surprisingly, set up for big-time judgments and disappointment.

As if, on a certain day, the world will either end or it will change (for the better) — or else! Or else what? Pray tell.

BTW: Either/or thinking is so very 3D!

A beautiful woman who I met just recently told me that her life is on hold until the end of the year because of Ascension, this date that she has been gearing toward, she told me, for 25 years! Well, me too, I might add, having been among those who gathered at sacred sites world wide during the fabled Harmonic Convergence of August, 1987.

But the difference between the way she is (not, so far) preparing, and the way I am preparing couldn’t be more stark.

What I’ve noticed about myself is that over the past months my way of “being” in the world has subtly begun to transform from one who is viewing everything that happens with detachment, and hopefully, compassion, i.e., centering within 5D rather than 3D, to actively training my mind and heart to follow a certain timeline, that of what we might call “Ascension,” and to which the re-election of Barack Obama gave an enormous boost. At least it seems so to this new part of me which is much more active than previously.

Many channels and others spoke months ago of how the many possible timelines begin to converge towards the end of this year, and I’m here to attest that yes, this is true within myself! And it’s nothing that I asked for, but rather something that just naturally began to occur.

Within the past two weeks, two brand new projects have begun to incubate within me, both in response to outside cues, both very creative, collaborative, and exciting, and both to launch in spring of 2013. Not time yet to talk about them, except to say that they are further developments of the space that has opened up with this exopermaculture blog.

I urged my new friend to allow her unique passion to direct her course, and meanwhile to let go of everything in her life that depletes her energy. That in this way she will find herself consciously shaping reality rather than being engulfed by it.

We must all learn to surf big waves. They’re arriving on our dissolving shores, wave after wave after wave, relentless, powerful, and exciting. All of creation swells with their joyful light and love! We are so lucky to be alive and conscious at this extraordinary moment in human/galactic history.

In my call to deliteralize our view of “Ascension,” I appreciate this exchange between Steve Beckow and Archangel Michael, as received through channel Linda Dillon.

Transcript of Archangel Michael on Persistent Questions Relating to Ascension

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