Thanksgiving, Thanks-for-Giving, Thanks Forgiving!

So many meanings, all wrapped up into that one word “Thanksgiving,” which, though it may may have begun in hushed-up infamy, does signify the one day of the year when family is featured in this soft, vulnerable nation which has its Sun Sign in Cancer, sign of home and family, and which, down through the decades, has been led by the collective hard nose down the primrose path of Empire in the so-called interests of “national security.” Cancer’s need to feel secure is best served by cultivating family and community, not by constructing more and more, bigger and badder, deeply offensive bristling penile missiles (now drones) for “defense.”

Geez! Enough with the sermons, Ann!

At any rate, I wanted to put up two more little videos re: Thanksgiving. One is hilarious, and reminds me of Thanksgivings past with Jeff, my now deceased Jewish husband, and his little family.

(I used to say to him, okay Jeff, we’re going to create a culture of creativity, not a culture of complaint! He’d look at me blankly, and then slowly, comprehending, blink, once, and remain impassive. But then, over the years, I witnessed him getting off his big butt and moving! First to swim three times a week, and finally to open his huge spiritual heart so wide that his physical heart suffered a fatal “attack.”)

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to load this video, since it isn’t (yet?) on youtube:

VIDEO: Larry David’s Thanksgiving Special

These days, for me, every day is Thanksgiving. It’s a morning ritual. My little puppy Shadow and I, as we set out on our daily walk, say to each other, happily, joyously,

“We are so lucky. This is the best day ever!”

And guess what? It always is!

Finally, here’s another rendition of Leonard Cohen’s — and ours — (broken, wondrous, deeply heartfelt) Hallelujah, this one by ultra-sensitive and soulful Jeff Buckley.

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  1. 🙂

    I am grateful for you, Ann! Thank you for this wise and heartfelt post.


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