Dovetailing perspectives on Barack Obama

The traditional Turkey Pardon. Can you imagine what Obama has to deal with on a daily basis? Can you imagine the number of compartments his mind must be divided into? I don’t envy him his role. And I am intensely grateful that he chose to be “The One” who would perform it. Whew!

Two current channelings, plus one pregnant comment, all of which I find both interesting and downright exciting right now, especially in the context of how to view the person who we (with behind the scenes help from unknown, perhaps galactic sources) re-s/elected as “U.S. president,” Barack Obama, who, in my view, should be recognized as our point man for the paradigm shift into cosmic awareness. Not that he’s going to work magic, but that he’s going to be the focus through which we focus our new loving, non-dualistic, unitary awareness into the entire human family.

P.S. DO read through both these channelings. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. I find the second one especially insightful and interesting.

Mathew Ward’s Message for November 20, 2012

Not sure why this second one is called “controversial.” Probably because so many people who used to look upon Obama as our “savior” no longer do and have been blaming him ever since. The point is, we need to absorb a more nuanced view of his role, and this channel comes as close as I have ever seen to my own way of viewing both the person and the role of this remarkable man.

Controversial Channeled Message about Obama

Finally, here’s an interesting commentary from Neil Keenan that Jean Haines put up on her site this morning. (BTW: her highly informative blog, unfortunately for us, is to be discontinued, at least in its present direction):

Also, as a way of wrapping things up, let me say that when I awakened this morning, I was surprised to see that Neil Keenan had posted an interesting comment on my blog in response to Ben Fulford’s statement on November 12th that Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder were fired. Neil has been very quiet lately; maybe his silence is an instance of those who don’t talk – know. Let me share his comment here with you:

I am on the other side of the world right now and have heard from various governmental Ministers that yes they were fired and in the very near future will be given a chance to resign so that the many so gracious people will never understand what exactly happened. Without hearing what I do I would be confused as well but then again I do not live in the US at this time and the rest of the world hears much of what it is we should hear. It is our media and those around the government that conceals everything from us. Remember you are in a fiefdom.

All the best and the weather is hot and fantastic and ancient civilizations are being wiped out over here by Kissinger and his boys. What is being said by Jeanie is exactly what is being said by the Holy Elders throughout Asia and why Obama has visited them first. It just might be fact that they are on the same page.


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