Thom Hartmann on Rove, Ohio, Anonymous (and Mercury Retrograde?)

Is this the way Mercury turning to go retrograde worked on Election Day? To turn the situation around so that what had been engineered to go forward was stopped? Purr-fect! I love it! What a brilliant, conscious use of that “stop to go retrograde” energy, whether or not Anonymous was aware of it.

The more I contemplate this election, the more I feel that a larger dimension was at work to make sure we moved forward in a manner that befits the accelerating energetic quickening of humanity.

I confess: ever since the election, I’ve been feeling a subtle effervescence, like champagne, bubbly. Yes — despite that the global situation still looks just as awful as ever. My friend Claudia has noticed it, too. Surprised that she feels so good when things look so bad.

We are shifting from the inside out!

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