Gordon Duff on “Tesla’s Death Ray A Reality”: “This may well be one of the biggest secrets of all.”

This Gordon Duff article, unfortunately, connects way too many dots of which I have been aware for years — via my friend Carol Rosin and others — and yet didn’t see the fabric into which these points are all threaded. In fact, I have a hard time not believing this story. And though I prefer to expand beyond any of my “beliefs,” I’m afraid that this one, an aspect of the old 3D matrix, needs to be seen clearly before we can see through it.

Ventura Busts Tesla Ray “Death Ray – Death Squad” Secret


9/11, Shuttle Disasters, Murders Attributed to Directed Energy “Death Ray”

November 16, 2012

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Jesse Ventura’s television show, “Conspiracy Theory” has done it again. Ventura has stumbled on a government program that many of us have long heard whispers about. Reagan’s ultra-secret “planetary defense system” used for murder and terrorism.

Ventura presents a list of murdered scientists, shows the weapons used, microwave “heart attack generators” and weapons capable of destroying cities or even massive steel high-rise buildings.

Ventura interviews an fascinating group of scientists who tell of a massive conspiracy, hiding the capabilities to hide murders at will, destroy cities, even continents.

We now have to reassess shuttle disasters, several inexplicable airline crashes, certainly 9/11 and murders, not just of scientists who worked on directed ray projects but evidence from Iraq and Afghanistan that directed energy weapons have been used there.

This may well be one of the biggest secrets of all.

The key to it all is the Serbian inventor, Nicola Tesla, who claimed he invented a “death ray” over a hundred years ago. This would seem outrageous if he weren’t accepted as Einstein’s equal by most scientists and historians.

The electricity powering most of the world today was based on Tesla, not Edison.

Nearly everything we use is based on breakthroughs or stolen Tesla research. Tesla’s history is, in itself, one of the most mysterious and challenging aspects of modern history.

Where this goes, Ronald Reagan and his Star Wars program is now clear.

It succeeded, this is why we hear nothing, success beyond imagination, or as Ventura’s team calls it, “Tesla 2.0.”

The theories of Dr. Judy Wood are examined, who has long claimed that 9/11 was the result of the use of directed energy.

Also, Jesse Ventura abandons his belief in the “nano-thermite” theories espoused by some scientists who claim this material was the only possible means of causing the destruction seen at ground zero on 9/11/2001.

What is proven, here and finally, that the events of 9/11 were, without any doubt, a government conspiracy, one made possible by scientific breakthroughs that have turned America into something indescribable.

America spent over one trillion dollars to develop “after next generation” technology, one Reagan himself alludes to as “planetary protection” from a possible alien invasion.

What we got instead was pocket killing machines and the ability to cause natural disasters on command, any type, earthquakes, weather changes and, of course, terror attacks of any imaginable size that can never be investigated.

We now have a provable technology that may well be the cause of a string of disasters that HAARP conspiracy theorists have studied for years.

Then there are the murders, so many murders.

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2 Responses to Gordon Duff on “Tesla’s Death Ray A Reality”: “This may well be one of the biggest secrets of all.”

  1. If you want to know about alternative energy you really do have to read books by Dr. Paul A. LaViolette, PhD-physics, “Genesis of the Cosmos” and “Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion”. I would also urge viewing revolutionary astro-cosmological thinking developed by Hassim Haramein posted here:


    (Note please, Dr. LaViolette and Hassim Haramein diverge on at least one fundamental cosmological principal concerning Black Holes: LaViolette maintains gravity does not become infinite and Black Holes therefore do not exist. On the other hand Haramein’s view implies and accepts the existence of Black Holes and directly illustrates [perhaps not quite prove] — with simple 6th grade math and an explanation of Planck Length — a most amazing deduction that a proton comprises its own black hole. There are also now new very compelling papers by cosmologists reviewed on line in YouTube videos showing real-time X-Ray photographed motion inferring and supporting the existence of black holes, by filming our exact central galactic stars circling at very high speed around the center of our own galaxy’s “theoretical massive black hole” which black hole, of course is not visible, and thus inferring the deductive question, what then causes this apparent gravity if not a massive black hole?).

    To make a long story short, there are two worlds, the public world which we are taught in school, and the militarized black-ops world


    … , which deals with working reality, regardless of what institutional-science insists in teaching our children. In fact LaViolette’s sub-quantum kinetics answers many dilemmas in physics better than the Newtonian-Mechanistic model or the Einstein-Relativistic model.

    Additionally John Kettler has very recently (about a year ago) arrived on the scene of alternative information with his blog. Kettler’s blog is the first I remember reading about beam weaponry on a large scale in three reports: (1) Kettler’s sources first report there were eye witnesses to a vertical blue beam the lasted quite some while hitting the BP Oil platform disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. (2) Reports there is a menacing silent, hovering craft that fires a deadly beam weapon that has been seen in Afghanistan, then finally (3) The ash evidence on brick chimney remains in the Waldo Canyon, Colorado Fire indicate there had to be temperatures elevated into a theoretically impossibly high level (I think it was around 5000+ degrees). The point of the article was the fuel for the fire inside the residential tract of homes could not reach that level.

    Finally, right here in my home town, Livermore, CA, home to LLNL


    …we have several, decade-old newspaper reports of late night automobile drivers on Patterson Pass Road being hit with a burning laser that suddenly sunburn the driver’s exposed skin.

  2. That’s Nassim Haramein, … My fat finger on iPad.

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