Local Free Economy: “Do what you love, get what you need!”

I am among those who hearken to relocalization as the overall “solution” to all our common woes — not just financial, but psychological and sociological, even spiritual! Here’s an article by Wendell Berry that speaks to this need:

The Idea of a Local Economy

However, in the internet age, we don’t have to go back to being Luddites (as fondly as I would like to imagine this kind of pre-technological world).

Here’s one pioneering example of what I imagine will be a proliferation of website services devoted to helping us help ourselves as we begin to crawl out from under the financial hierarchy that got more and more 1% top-heavy leaving less and less for the bottom 99%. YES!

And this is another way to look at what’s happening. As the money-energy accelerates to the pointy top of the pyramid, the formerly heavy bottom of the pyramid gets lighter and lighter, more and more porous, allowing us to not only see out, but at last, finally, to begin to to crawl out. Again, YES!

Paradigm-Shifting America Back to Its Roots

November 15, 2012

Linda Burkhead

Activist Post

The Local Free Economy described below offers tremendous opportunities to choose how, when, and where and why they can address their needs/wants with “friends they haven’t met yet”. Participants will learn things never taught in public schools that promote assurances to prosper in the 21st Century. Participants are encourage to understand how “doing the right thing for the right reasons” is one way to be successful in life; puts adults and teenagers on equal footing as they each explore the values they have that delivers relief/peace, gratitude or joy to them!

This Local Free Economy is independent of the public schools they chose to serve, dedicated to offering what public schools cannot deliver. Creates strong motivation to learn more about the world and one’s self. All learning is voluntary as the principles of cause and effect are applied against the natural incentives that motivate participants in the first their own learning styles, learning how to learn, how to become self-directed and focused, making connections with people in the system, make connections between the different ideas that are generated from those connections . . .doing, having, being what makes your Hearts sing! It’s only limited by your lack of imagination or willingness to give what you love, receive what you want!


This Local Free Economy will generate 20,000 to 40,000 free, advertised personal and professional services per year per county. (The system itself will charge a nominal six-month fee). There are 3,000 counties nation-wide, each county independent of each other and run by for profit or nonprofit teams at local retail levels only. It will work well in good times and bad ….. for personal enrichment or survival in the coming years. This unique one-on-one volunteer system has a unique way of focusing ourselves through special training that allows participants to focus to the highest return in the transaction.

This system is not a bartering, multi-level or pyramid scheme model; rather the numbers of listings are continually each county updated through the weekly workshops that allow participants to focus on abundance, not scarcity or competition… as traditional economies usually do.


This system is designed to be cooperative, complimentary and competitive to all the socio-political “isms” designed to dominate and subvert the values and independence of the American People … by helping people to understand and experience at a personal level, what real creativity and freedom feels like. Simple Guidelines help them to use and protect the system. Mechanisms in the website also allow participants to critique facilitators on their workshops (as well as the participants they do transactions within so that strong accountability and high integrity is maintained) This Local Free Economy will be offered in (up to) 3,000 independent counties nationwide and run as for profits (or nonprofit) by teams of independent qualified people who work synergistically as volunteers or paid sub-contractors.

www.peopleshareservices.com is the publishing, recruiting, training, mentoring service created to facilitate the Local Free Economy in each county, operating at state levels only. The website is incomplete and in re-vision now to meet rapidly developing down-turn in the economy. If you are interested in setting-up and operating this Local Free Economy in your county, email lindaburkhead@gmail.com with your resume of accomplishments.

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