Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: TODAY! November 13-14, 2012

Visible in southern hemisphere.

First solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio since 1995. Here’s an excerpt from astrologer Eric Francis on the subject,

Beyond the Teasing Game

and it’s especially interesting, given the current widening sex and power scandal involving Petraeus and others. BTW: notice the way the women involved are described in the press. Like vixens, sirens, tantalizing, seductive.


Seventeen years is a long time for there to be no solar eclipses in a sign — especially one as close to the core of human experience and consciousness as is Scorpio.

And now at long last we’re about to have one, which is sure to flush some of that rich silt up from the bottom of the river and out onto the flood plain, as well as fear, shadow material and anything else we may be hiding. When there are no solar eclipses in a sign for a long time, the feeling can be like pent-up energy behind a dam, which suddenly bursts when the eclipse happens.

With Scorpio, as mentioned above, this will include deeply personal material related to sex, death and the exchange of resources, including potentially the zones where all these things blend into one.

The eclipse is conjunct a point called Tantalus, an asteroid named for the Greek mythological figure. This is a complex myth, though the presence of this point in Scorpio essentially says to be conscious of anything that has a sexual tease. Tantalus is the source of the word tantalize, and the myth is a story of punishment through deprivation.

Nearly everything involving sex and sexuality comes with a tease, though often not the pleasant kind. Potential partners and existing ones can deprive one another of sex for a diversity of reasons. Many people are attracted to what they cannot have. Others concentrate power by using sex as a lure and then depriving someone of it. Often it takes two to play this game.

Here’s another astrologer on today’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse that puts it in a wider transformational context.

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