Corbett on Betrayus: “This is not about a sex scandal. It’s about the future of this country.”

Plus, it “raises important questions about the nature of ‘access journalism.'”

The heart of the story: what it means for the director of the CIA to be having an affair. Not just possibilities for blackmail, national security issues, access to classified documents . . .

Plus, how long has the FBI investigation has been going on? Eric Holder knew about it at least two weeks before the scandal become public.

Who gets into the directorship of the CIA may determine the direction of the presidency of Barack Obama.

Then there’s the “what happened in Benzhazi on September 11, 2012?” and what was the CIA involvement there?

That situation just looks weirder and weirder the deeper you delve into it.

BTW: Corbett sees Obama “as a puppet [in the visible puppet government pulled by invisible strings] with no significance in the bigger scheme of things.” I disagree.

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