Women Awaken: One Billion Rising

Yesterday, I attended a lovely brunch at my second cousin Ivan’s house. Besides Ivan, I was thrilled to eat fresh fruit plus bagels and lox with nine year old flame-haired female twins who are savvy and aware, two fabulous female artists and one beautiful adopted female child, and especially, the visiting grandmother, my age, another feminist veteran of ’60s culture wars. She and I talked about grandmothers rising to help shift the world. The mood was upbeat. It’s not just that all those rape-loving Republican white male candidates lost, or that our heroine Elizabeth Warren won her senate seat in Massachusetts; it’s not just that we now have four new democratic senators to make a total of 20 female senators in the U.S. Senate, but check this out! Eve Ensler shows us how to look forward to February 14, 2013, Valentine’s Day.

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