Was Obama originally programmed as a mind control slave who at some point awakened?

And now safely re-elected, does the awakened Obama begin to wrest the future from the cabal’s plans?

As radical as this may perspective seem to most people, I, for one, find it plausible, having read enough MK ULTRA mind control literature to realize that it’s a possible explanation of how Obama might have been groomed by the cabal to be president, and why he went along with it.

I also find a provocative incipient argument in this rmn comment that Obama’s confusion during the first term has been in part because so many people who originally supported him have been judging him.

And more: it may be that when we say we are the ones we have been waiting for, maybe what we mean is that we all need to wake up to our changing roles as geese in a flock.

From Migrating Geese: A Lesson in Collaboration

1. Leadership is about helping others, not just yourself
When the Canada geese travel in V-formation, the lead bird’s job is not simply to guide the other birds as to which direction to fly. Rather, the lead bird’s primary role is to help reduce air drag so that the flock can fly for greater distances without expending more energy.

The same approach applies to the role of leadership, where the function is not to get others to simply do your bidding, but doing whatever is in your abilities to help others succeed in reaching the shared goal.

2. Everyone has the ability to lead
There was a recent survey I read about where the majority of respondents related leadership to a title; that to be a leader in an organization, one had to be a CEO, director, manager, etc. Now if we look at how the geese designate who will take the front position, we see that each bird is given a turn in leading the formation. For the geese, it’s not a question of their position in the pecking order. Instead, it’s a matter of which bird has the ability in that moment to offer the support needed by the rest of the flock for them to reach their destination.

In looking at the behaviour of how geese migrate, we can appreciate that leadership is not a position, it’s a disposition that people can exhibit regardless of whatever formal title they might carry in their organization.

3. You can accomplish more working together than working apart
Scientists have found that when geese fly together in the V-formation, they can cover 70% more distance than if the birds were to fly alone. Given the long distances geese have to travel in the spring and fall, it’s clearly advantageous for them to work in a collaborative fashion, with each of them taking turns to reduce air drag while the others rest.

In short, the role of the lead goose while flying in V- formation is difficult, taxing. No wonder geese take turns. So here we are, following a leader, Barack Obama, the current “point man” in our flying wedge, but just another goose like the rest of us, who will some day need a deserved rest.

Let’s drop the conditioning, wake up to the roles we are playing — so that we all may gain strength and purpose in feeling the support of and unity with all the other geese in our flock as we wing our way forward together.

Here, finally, is the rumormillnews comment I was leading up to:

November 7, 2012

Obama was programmed since birth as an MK-Ultra Pentagon Class Mind Controlled slave who is under threat of unimaginable torture and death for any deviation AND within the factions I am sure they war to obtain his programming codes.

Does this make this soul who was abused since birth, evil???

NO, simply confused and kept from being able to control one’s-self at the “time”.

Now let us take it a level further …

NO ONE gets to those ranks or is born into “the bloodline” that is not extremely tortured and mind controlled since birth …

This is now an autonomous system, which has no perpetrator which was not also a victim, in the 3D sense.

BTW … EMP’s and other cosmic bursts, awaken suppressed memories, breaking the programming, and allowing all of the extremely brave Divine souls/spirits, who agreed to play the MK role,to awaken to their enlightenment and thus harness the “ascension” codes of the multi-stranded DNA.

I ask the reader… would you volunteer for the role of the MK-Ultra Mind Controlled Slave President of the USA at the time of crossing … laying so much responsibility on your awakening in such dense challenge?

I say … he hasn’t awaken as much b/c WE have not held the space in our hearts for him too…. and yet as I say that … many do and those who do, are making his healing possible.

We will see it as a process… and who is to say he hasn’t awakened and is playing their game on the front, while implementing the healing on the hush.

These people making these judgements (about others) obviously have not studied Mind Control Programming of the MK-Ultra kind to any depth.

Please see “Illuminati Formula for the Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave” by Fritz Springmeierhttp://www.emhdf.com/Monarch-mind-control.pdf

, see Arizona Wilder’s testimony, see Cathy O’Brien’s TRANCEformation of America & Denied: For Reasons of National Security, see Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor, etc etc!


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3 Responses to Was Obama originally programmed as a mind control slave who at some point awakened?

  1. Damon says:

    Or maybe when ‘WE’ start to wrest control back to ourselves Obama will change sides from the Cabal to the people to save his own hide.

  2. tusense96761 says:

    We cannot let his deeds go unpunished for the destruction he has caused to this nation and around the world. For under his guide and his handlers life has been a complete hell for the last five years. These people all of them need to be exposed for their part and level of complicity so we never see the likes of them in government again. First we must dismantle the main stream controlled media, newspapers, magazines, television news, motion picture industry and rid society of these evil Satanists with their one world order agenda of control and allow rational, moral thought and truth to permeate our society again. These people must never or their family members be allowed ownership or involvement in public arena again. They need to be branded in society for the harm that they have caused or we will continue to have the Clintons and the Bush family in Washington running our country. The American people want their country back, they are tired of being manipulated , lied to , hoodwinked, stolen from and plotted against, poisoned, propagandized to. We need to go back to our foundations, the constitution and the rule of law. We need to dismantle the C.I.A., NSA, FBI, IRS, Homeland Security, the pentagon. We must get rid of the federal reserve and the income tax and shut down all the illegal money laundering fraud operating banks and never allow those owners a right to be in banking again. We need to cut the government down to the size our founding fathers meant it to be. We don’t need think tanks or these 100 of organization that have motives that are out to hurt the American people like the EPA, National Wildlife Asso. these organizations are a cover for a evil agenda designed to turn our country into a totalitarian state.

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