Is the Mars sky really blue? — and other provocative speculations? realities?

I just watched this 50 minute show (five youtube videos). Well worth it, with one caveat: Kerry and Bill assume that because they were stopped at a certain place next to a fence with no trespassing in a Utah desert means that they have found what they were looking for is not necessarily true. That kind of convergence of security on travelers appears to happen whenever civilians “encroach” upon government facilities in deserts.

For example, twenty years ago, my son was driving through the Idaho desert near Arco and the INEEL (Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory), which since 1949 has built over 50 small nuclear reactors for testing. Most of them are now defunct, but even today the INEEL employs 4000 people from Idaho Falls and Pocatello. What are they doing out there?

My son had stopped the car to switch drivers when, to their surprise, an SUV instantly appeared, ordered them to keep moving.

I love the fact that this show, made a few years ago, was finally shown on the day after Obama was re-elected. Whew! Timing especially exquisite, since Andrew Basiago, who claims to have been teleported to Mars in this movie, also claims (not in this movie) to have seen Obama on Mars.

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PROJECT CAMELOT: Shadow Operations: The Mars Project Part 1-5

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