Rachel Maddow lacerates Republicans, let’s ’em know what is and is not “real”

Rachel Maddow is of course, part of the duality-promoting MSM. On the other hand, she’s got more common-sense than most and, as my recently deceased Dad would have said, “a real mouth on her.” From a 3D perspective, I sure wish my Fox- TV-addicted Dad could hear this dressing down of the black hole world view that swallowed him during his nineties.

The good news: these entitled, rigid, white male geezers have just about exited this “All the Earth’s a stage” drama. God bless ’em!

Dad? I sense that he’s been learning a hell of a lot about expanding his consciousness since he exited his body on August 26. I sense that he’s amazed at how small-minded he became, how diminished his awareness, while here. And I sense that he’s sorry.

I forgive him. I forgive myself for the same, that part of me that narrows in on a point that I then go to battle for, reject and judge others about, defend with my very life. Or not! Thank God not comes more often now. Thank God I can usually slide into water, even arc out over waterfalls, surf giant waves, with more ease.

Not sure where Rachel Maddow is in this expansion business, but I sure relish that mouth of hers.

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