David Wilcock roars into view again, with new info, as usual!

Ever since I was a graduate student in philosophy, I wanted to understand the nature of Time and Space and their relationship. But of course, when I told my teacher of my desire to investigate these topics, he told me it was too difficult, and that I should pick something smaller. That put me off for years. But the wondering did not go away.

Then I read the Law of One series. Actually, I’ve read it twice, and need to read it again. In it, I learned of the difference between “space/time” and “time/space,” and I’m still, even now, learning how to visualize this difference.

A few days ago, I learned from kauilapele about an article by “Daniel” on this whole subject, a pdf —

Time and Timelines

— so I printed it out to read with lunch, and it seems to dovetail with the Law of One information — though again, my mind and imagination are still not quite up to the task of full comprehension.

Now, right on cue, David Wilcock weighs in on this subject and others. However, I must say, that this is one of those times when he seems to be touting his own horn a bit too much for my taste. But maybe it does take a big ego to fend off the wolves when you come loaded with interesting, provocative information which you are also able to integrate and synthesize and share with many many others . . . So I forgive him (and myself, who must have the same tendencies or it wouldn’t bother me so much about him!)

Go to divinecosmos for the link.

DISCLOSURE: Camelot on Tru-TV Tonight; Insider ‘Daniel” Comes Forward

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