Obama’s “Win”: Approaches to interpretation

Here’s one way to look at “what happened,” by a NYT blogger that forecasted early yesterday 91% odds of an Obama win, based on various electoral vote count maps.

Another way to look at it is metaphysically. This was supposed to happen, folks. This timeline. The one with Obama as the catalyst to light our collective global fire for transformation.

You might put that in the Mayan context, leading up to “Ascension,” on December 21, 2012, 44 days from now. Here’s Steve Beckow on the subject.

Still another way? Billionaire PAC money doesn’t always count, in the end. And yet it does: notice the failure of Prop 37 in California, which was 17 points ahead until recently, when Monsanto pulled out all the big advertising guns. Even then, however, as Mike Adams reminds us, the subject of the perniciousness of GMOs is now on the table, out in the open, where it belongs.

In the end, as Obama said last night in his best speech in years: “We are an American family, and we rise and fall together.”

And, let me add, we are a human family and we belong to the global family of creatures sharing the bounty of planet Earth, itself whirling inside the solar system family, in turn buoyed up by the galactic family, the intergalactic family, and so on and on. There is no end to it. And no beginning. No matter what our apparent differences, this is one big cosmic oceanic soup we all swim in, one giant beating universal heart that opens wide at moments like this, to take in even more light, even more love, full, to bursting.

Nate Silver Takes A Victory Lap After Obama Re-election

November 7, 2012: 3:05 AM EST



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  1. isis2012 says:

    Love the article … if this had not been the generation initiating new Positive beginnings … I feel the other guy would have won hands down … and with linear forces reaching through in support of the Positron millennium time line ascension … nothing the negative elite could have done would have prevented this change …we are ALL pawns in the game of millennium time line …

  2. Laurel Fisher says:

    YES, YES! That’s exactly what I was thinking… I love the emphasis on “the American Family”… hope to see more referencing to that theme.

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