V for Vendetta, and Election Victory for US?

On this Election Day, November 6, 2012, and our riveting national drama of polarity performed this year during the very 24 hours that Mercury, planet of communications, turns to go retrograde (for three weeks), let’s remember Guy Fawkes Day, November 5th, and the speech of the movie that memorialized it and helped ignite the 2011 Occupy Revolution which has now morphed into its second, and very very helpful, phase.

Do vote. Vote for Obama. He has yet to show his cards. He can only do it during a second term. And if it’s true, that he and his family are under galactic protection (I figure he must be, or he would have been assasinated by now, even for the little good he has managed to squeeeze in between the cracks of the micro-managed concrete cabal matrix wall), then we are in for a wild ride which could be a very good time.

Vote. And breathe!

And see Michael Moore’s stirring post: Tomorrow. A Letter from Michael Moore.

Thanks to jhaines6.wordpress.com, for the pointer to this video.

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  1. John says:

    “…Vote for Obama.. ”

    So are the GOOD galactics protecting Obama from the EVIL galactics, who forced him to do ALL of this?:

    • Obama’s criminal drone wars, terrorizing entire communities day and night, killing and mutilating children and other civilians in Pakistan, Yemen, Djibouti, Somalia, and other countries

    • Obama’s brutal practice of “double-tap” terror drone attacks that deliberately target medical and rescue personnel by attacking the same site a second time after first responders have arrived

    • Obama’s policy of providing millions of dollars to Al-Qaeda and other terror organizations and mercenary gangs slaughtering civilians in Syria

    • Obama’s policy of funding terrorist groups in Iran

    • The Bush/Obama sanctions on Iran (including food and medicine), an act of war and a violation of UN Charter and General Assembly resolutions

    • the Bush/Obama senseless and illegal war in Afghanistan, now in its twelfth year

    • the Bush/Obama domestic policies creating a high-tech totalitarian “security” state, unleashing as much electronic surveillance, citizen data-mining, and drone spying as technologically possible

    • Obama’s policy of targeted assassinations of US citizens

    • the Bush/Obama administrations’ largest theft of public wealth in the history of civilization, conveying to criminal domestic and international banks and corporations trillions of newly-created dollars, that wealth extracted from the middle class via increasing inflation

    • Obama’s policy of persecuting medical marijuana providers that operate in compliance with state laws

    • Obama’s metastasizing of TSA pedophiles, thieves, smugglers, and rapists to bus stations, rail stations, and newly-constructed illegal highway checkpoints

    • the Bush/Obama practice of prosecuting environmental and animal rights groups as “domestic terrorists”

    • the Obama practice of using the Espionage Act to prosecute domestic whistleblowers

    • the Obama practice of ordering vicious FDA entrapments and prosecutions of raw milk and other natural food providers

    • the Bush/Obama policy of refusing requests by 911 families, ae911truth.org , and others to authorize a proper independent inquiry with full subpoena power, into the September 11, 2001 attacks

    • the Bush/Obama practice of expanding the use of secret National Security letters and secret courts for domestic investigations by FBI and CIA

    • the Bush/Obama extraordinary rendition program (kidnapping within and outside the U.S. and transport to foreign torture centers)

    • the Bush/Obama administrations’ use of “State Secrets” defense to prevent domestic war crimes prosecutions

  2. mrtwist. says:

    Face it, John. The ascension community is rife with Democrats and only a Democrat can be the enlightened Sirian Commander…… messiah…. thingy.

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