Geez! What’s going on in my neighborhood?

Afternoon Update: You might check out the site now. I just added an Offerings page with sub-pages and did other tweaks. We already have two folks in the ‘hood wanting to offer services to others. As permaculturists know, the more and more varied the exchanges within an ecosystem, the stronger and more resilient it becomes. So keep those offerings comin’!

When traveling home from the yoga retreat, I received a terrifying email from a neighbor. She pointed me to several news sources. Here’s one of them:

Man shot, killed, on Bloomington’s East Side

Check out three posts, two of which I put up today and yesterday on our new website for the Green Acres Neighborhood Association (GANA). They show both our visioning, and the state of siege we are currently under in my Green Acres neighborhood — very much echoing the Uranus/Pluto volatility and the increasing polarity of these times. Here’s the post from this morning.

Green Acres: Let’s Transform the War Zone into Community

I cannot help but think that this neighborhood crisis fed into my state of immobilization and exhaustion.

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