Note: I’m off to a Yoga Retreat

Gone today through Sunday. Back on Monday.

I know, I know. I just took a break — for a Sufi retreat, two weekends ago. This retreat is two hours northeast of here, with Thomas Fortel, out of Big Sur.

Better this kind “break” than the “fractured wrist” kind, eh?

BTW: I’m now five weeks into that process, and can do most of what I used to do. “Downward dog” in yoga will not, however, be part of my repertoire this weekend!

In case you’re just not able to get along without me, check out a few more of the 2420 posts put up since the end of January 2011. Many still relevant, despite the ephemeral nature of a blog where time, words, and opportunity rush by like the wind. Whew!

Bless us all!


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