Was Superstorm Sandy “mitigated, not conjured or directed”? If so, by whom, or what, and why?

Suspicious Observer put up something in yesterday’s 2 minute news that put me on high alert. And then he returned to the subject today. Think HAMP, not HAARP.

“For those who think it’s just the elites, one group, the PTB, I wish it was that easy. Back when I released this video, I thought there were only two sides. There are many, already at war. And we are the imagined prize in this war, not the sacrifice.”


Here’s an infowars article on HAMP. Not sure I understand its intricacies, but one thing seems clear to me: The title attached to this article —

Obama ordered DHS to control hurricanes

doesn’t — not accurately, not even remotely — reflect what it actually says.

American Kabuki put up a very interesting article today that reverberates with the above.

Dutchsinse Images of La Canada Mexico HAARP Vortices

Again there seems to be a disconnect between the title and the actual article. But whereas the infowars article title seems to reflect a decided political bias, in this case, the title doesn’t even hint at the really interesting flow of content inside the article. Here’s the excerpt that I find especially arresting, since it resonates with what SuspiciousObserver said, above.

“What this tells me is that Sandy could have been a lot worse. But it wasn’t. Whoever is running HAARP has competition. Frankly, I don’t understand this.”

Is there a “War in Heaven?” Are we “playthings of the gods”?

Playthings of the Gods

February 25, 2010

by John Shaplin



As flies to wanton boys are we to th’ gods:
They kill us for their sport.


How should this be? Bad is the trade that must play fool to sorrow
Ang’ring itself and others..

(King Lear Act IV Scene 1)

We may imagine that each of us living creatures is a puppet made by the gods, possibly as a plaything, or possibly with some more serious purpose. That, indeed, is more than we can tell, but one thing is certain. These interior states of fear or confidence- the result of the unwise and conflicting counselors of pleasure and pain- are, so to say, the cords, or strings, by which we are worked; they are opposed to one another, and pull us in opposite directions, and therein lies the division of virtue from vice. A man must always yield to one of these tensions without resistance, but pull against all the other strings- ought to yield, that is, to that golden and hallowed drawing of judgment which goes by the name of the public law of the city. The others are hard and iron-like, it soft, as befits gold, whereas they resemble various substances. So a man must always cooperate with the noble drawing of the law, for judgment, though a noble thing, is as gentle and free from violence as noble, whence its drawing needs supporters, if the gold within us is to prevail over the other stuff. In this wise our moral fable of the human puppets will find its fulfillment.

( Plato. Laws 1 644d)

Search, for some thoughts, thine own suggesting mind
And others, dictated by heavenly powers,
Shall rise spontaneous in the needful hour.
For nought unprosperous shall thy ways attend,
Born with good omens, and with heaven thy friend.

(Odyssey, 3.26 sq.)

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  1. One of the oldest staples in my psychic daily diet has been the uplifting spiritual energies of “Sight Psalms.” They seem to have a genius in taking the dominant negative and washing it clean with a natural image. Take this morning’s image, the perfect medicine to heal my spirit from the contrived science and media negatives inflicted on 24/7 through Hurricane Sandy:


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