The Ongoing Aftermath: gas main explodes in New Jersey town, 15 miles from nuclear plant

Let Superstorm Sandy wake us up to the fact that from now on, until we shift the way we are thinking, and therefore the way we are living, these destructive dramas will be ongoing. Each one a wake-up call. A call to consciousness, a call to action.

Return, return, return, to what we have always known, what the plants and animals and aboriginals know, and can show us, how to live in concert with Mother Earth rather than against her, as if we were separate from her, superior to her, in control.

Even Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, surveying the destruction, has finally admitted: “Nature is an awful lot more powerful than we are.”

Officials: Gas main believed to have exploded in NJ town — Flames shooting up from sand, huge fire — 15 miles from nuclear plant — Crews unable to access area (VIDEO)

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  1. Pamela says:

    I blame Judeo-Christian religious interpretation for this superior attitude. I have heard many who use the idea that they believe they are to be to “in dominion or have dominance over Nature.” They use this as an excuse to harm and exploit Her.
    Once, humans stood in fear, awe, and wonder at Nature. Now, all they want to do is control Her and manipulate Her for their own greed.
    It’s sickening.

  2. isis2012 says:

    I pray for the people’s Positive strength to withstand, endure and survive this hardship … I would ask for no less if it were me ….

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