The Corbett Report: “The 24/7 news cycle is completely dominated by stories of no significance whatsoever. . . “

. . . which then, unfortunately, are used to justify all sorts of things by those who would rule the world.

Just in case you don’t recognize this already . . . how we are pushed and pulled, like marionettes, by invisible strings that lead up to . . . what? who? I want to ask: Is there a Wizard of Oz? And if so, is he real, or is he just an illusion who has to keep himself cloaked so we won’t find out?

Corbett uses the fake viral video “Kony 2012” catch-phrase story of a few months ago as one example of the “celeb flavor of the week” that serves to justify more and more military intervention.

Corbett: “How millions of well-meaning, and fervent would-be political activists of one sort or another can be so easily misled by a single viral video into supporting an agenda against someone whose existence they literally didn’t know of the week before . . .”

The so-called “Arab Spring” is another example: which was used to get rid of Mubarek, and that accomplished, the spotlight dimmed there and lit up somewhere else.

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