Meditation: let us “visualize transmuting these massive forces of destruction into heart energies”

This is a wonderful suggestion, a way to dance with destructive wind, diffuse its centrifugal force, and radiate love and safety to all concerned. Thanks to

Hurricane Sandy Meditation for New York City

Click here for the Google NYC Hurricane Sandy Crisis Map:

NOTE: I haven’t had enough time to fact check the hurricane drill test in 1997 yet, but I am posting this anyway. If anyone else knows about this 1997 Hurrican Sandy NYC Amatuer Radio drill please leave a note in the comments. The cabal always creates a prototype event before causing the real one. This seems to be something related to the collective consciousness of human beings that I don’t completely understand but I have seen them do this before in some images I have not posted. Coincidence they are named the same? -AK

A reader writes:

Mr. Kabuki,

We are being tested at this juncture in our development. A last gasp of the Cabal is being carried out through the weather. This is part of their plan. But there is something that can be done.

As many of your readers are aware, it is very possible to ‘cloudbust’ by visualizing the, as Reich describes it, Orgone energy being collected into your body from the cloud.

The Tsunami on the West Coast and the Hurricane on the East Coast both hold massive amounts of energy that has been centralized in two separate locations. What I hope you will suggest to your readers, and ask them to pass along, is that we visualize transmuting these massive forces of destruction into heart energies.

We are essentially looking to transform these incoherent energies into coherence… and there is no better place than in the heart.

Those who are on the Western Coast, do so with the Tsunami. And those on the Eastern, the Hurricane.

Our consciousness can collectively weaken this HAARP experiment, despite the sensationalism touted by the mainstream media. These are not natural storms. In fact, Sandy was a drill conducted in 1997 with the exact same name and path.

Hurrunami Busters Meditation:

Relax your mind.

Visualize energy flowing from the storms and into your bodies. Pull the energy into your heart chakra. Feel the warm glow as this energy is transmuted into Love, Peace and Safety for all living beings.

While allowing this energy to flow to your highest-self freely, repeat: “I Love you. Thank you. Please Forgive Me. I Am Sorry. Peace.” as you visualize the storm you are focusing on grow weaker and weaker and the Light growing stronger and vibrating faster.

Do this as often as possible.


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