Astrologer Eric Francis: “The energy contained in, swirling and moving with this storm is a reflection or expression of the cosmic order right now — the ability to focus and organize energy”

Eric Francis weighs in on the storm, Mercury Rx, the “election,” geoengineering, and the Full Moon, and how they may tie together. I would add one note to his analysis: that the fact that so many planets in the fixed sign Full Moon array closely aspect the extended background feature — the explosive, destructive, and ultimately regenerative Uranus square Pluto (2012-2015) — indicates, to me, that it’s no surprise that this storm is both powerful and extremely slow-moving, as these descriptors exhibit the nature of implacable, imponderable, and very very stubborn fixed signs.

As I post this, in central Indiana, I feel the agitation of swirling winds within me mirroring the cold swirling winds outside that shake branches and blow leaves about. To the east, a white misty bank of clouds obscures the entire eastern horizon from north to south.

That’s the news — now for the weather!

October 28, 2012

by Eric Francis

In all of my peering ahead into this election season, I missed what has emerged as a kind of surprise theme: a weather event. So far I’ve seen all kinds of mischief in the election chart and those in the days leading up to Election Day. It really looked (and looks) like there would be some kind of October surprise.

In a series of articles I’ve been doing for Planet Waves and Huffington Post, I’ve noted the potential for assorted confusion, mixups, misinterpretation, bad data, some international event influencing the election, fraud and Internet outages. All of this is associated with Mercury stationing retrograde on Election Day, followed by a total solar eclipse less than one week later.

However, I must admit: the idea of a weather event did not cross my mind. I did not see it in the charts, nor has anyone said anything to me about it in the many conversations I’ve had with other astrologers about the election. We do seem to have one on our hands — you’re looking at a photo from early Sunday of Hurricane Sandy creeping up the East Coast of the United States, about to be met by an Arctic air mass coming down from western Canada, which will be nudged easterly by the Jet Stream.

This is a slow-moving system with a windfield 900 miles wide. It’s creeping up the East Coast. So between the size, the slow speed and the mix with cold air from the north and west, we are looking at something pretty unusual.

Taurus Full Moon set for Washington D.C. happens Monday at about 3:50 pm. The Full Moon will result in three cycles of what meteorologists are calling
‘astronomical high tides’, combined with storm surges from Hurricane Sandy.

The result could be a storm that cuts power or paralyzes parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions for days, even as far west as the Ohio River Valley, according to federal officials. Everyone I’ve asked is thinking the same thing: how will this influence the election? The storm will impact a region with a heavy concentration of electoral votes, including potential swing states Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio and Michigan.

However severe this event on the physical level, it presents quite the distraction from the issues, and it will shift the momentum of the campaigns, and the storm will dominate the news for the next week or so.
What I am finding amusing is that nobody I’ve asked thinks it’s particularly weird that this might be a manufactured weather event, and some are offering this idea on their own. I’m not saying that is a synthetic event; I’m saying a lot of people think it’s possible, which is a relevant sign of the times.

Just in case you’re wondering, the United States has used weather control in combat since the Vietnam War. I’ve known the investigative reporter who dug this out for 20 years, and I trust him (he published an article called “A Weather Arsenal” in Newsday (a major Long Island newspaper) in the early 1970s, which is unfortunately not on the Internet.

At the time, the only thing that seemed to be interfering with the military’s plans to do this more often, or more effectively, was computing power — and we have plenty of that now. The sad little processors that were being used in the 70s would not stand up to an iPhone today. So in case you’re wondering if it’s possible, I think that it is. I also think that it’s time we see through this genre of ‘reality’ and stop pretending anything.
If we’re wondering what it will take to empower a whole bunch of people, it’s something about a collective understanding of the problems, which starts with me and you.
[In the first comment below, I will add a section from an article I wrote in early 2011 about manufacturing earthquakes and weather events using HAARP, so we can keep the focus on astrology in this article. If you’re curious, you can read the whole article.]

Taurus Full Moon
The main astrological event this week is the Taurus Full Moon. Whether you think this is the demented celestial sense of humor at work, or storm planners taking advantage of extra high tides (three cycles of what are being called ‘astronomical high tides’), the Full Moon peaks about 12 hours before the storm is expected to make landfall in New Jersey.

This listing focuses on the cardinal cross — so
that you can see what planets are in aspect to the
Uranus-Pluto square, which itself is making several
close aspects to the Full Moon. One interesting aspect
is an exact square between asteroid Icarus and Pluto-like
Typhon. Icarus translates into peak experiences and
Typhon is a monster for whom typhoons were named.
Chart from

The Full Moon is exact Monday at 3:49:26 pm EDT. So we have a natural or celestial event coinciding with this storm, and because it’s across the Taurus/Scorpio axis, it will be an emotionally charged Full Moon. Taurus and Scorpio are known universally for one thing at least, which is sex — of the deep craving variety.

This is a fantastically passionate Full Moon. For some that will translate to exciting, for some unsettling, and for others a restless event. For those who are sensitive to energetic forces, you may find this to be a rare and beautiful experience.

Part of what makes this an interesting Full Moon is how many aspects the Sun and Moon make to other planets — there are many, and they add refinements to the scenario. The Sun is still conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, and trine Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. Adding the Pisces element softens and adds a simpatico quality, blending all that desire with imagination.

Ceres is now in Cancer (emotional nourishment is as important as what we get from food) so we have a nice grand water trine, all involving several major planets and points. Grand trines can work in a way that is cyclonic — they are like whirlpools that draw things in. May you use this energy vortex to draw lots of creative nourishment your way, and have plenty to share.

Natal interpretation note — if you have a grand trine in your chart, that’s a reminder to watch the trends in your life and make corrections sooner rather than later. The same could be said for this Full Moon: set things in motion that you want to persist, and withdraw energy from what you don’t want to support.

Ceres is opposite Pluto — they have some energy. That brings in the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square. Venus has just entered Libra, which puts it on the cardinal cross, aspecting many of the planets I’ve just mentioned. Think of all these aspects as being potential points of contact and interchange, like a cloverleaf or circuit that’s going to be pumped full of energy thanks to the shape of the solar system energized by the Full Moon.

The energy contained in, swirling and moving with this storm is a reflection or expression of the cosmic order right now — the ability to focus and organize energy.

One aspect to pay attention to occurs just as the Full Moon peaks: a square between Mercury and Neptune. Mercury is direct at the moment; this is the first of three squares associated with this Mercury retrograde — and with the total eclipse of the Sun that happens two weeks from now, which is the date of the second of the three squares. (That one happens with Mercury retrograde.)

So we have some synchronicity here between these lunation events [summarized in greater detail here], Mercury retrograde and Mercury square Neptune. All I can say is: pay close attention to what you believe. Remember that if you hear yourself saying the words “I think,” it may be an indication that you need a little more original thought.
That would be an awesome way to understand this relationship between Mercury and Neptune, in the mentally and creatively charged mutable signs. It’s like Mercury is milking some of the milk out of Neptune by a little struggle over the truth that might actually point you toward it.

Safe sailing this week. Don’t put your signature where it doesn’t belong.

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  1. isis2012 says:

    I also consider Sandy to the effect of a high energy cloaking field of a very huge celestial craft coming in for a pick up over land … and that an even larger object rising from deep waters is the true cause of such a devastating high rise in waters … as this huge craft also use the pulling effect of the full moon to bring it’s big structure from under the weight of so much water …

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