Financial/Political/Environmental Pointings, plus — Two Dreams: YE GODS!

Here’s a compendium of provocative news items from just the past few days, any one of which could have been the top headline on at least alternative news sources even a year ago. Now they’re coming so thick and fast I give up trying to keep up. Plus, how to make sense of it all? I have no idea. All I do know, or sense, with every fiber of my being, is that the old predatory financial fiat game is over, though the tail end of that monster still twitches fitfully. The two dreams, I feel, somehow speak to the same reality, or not! How to bridge dimensions during this time of seeming chaos?


Major Banks, Governmental Officials and Their Comrade Capitalists Targets of Spire Law Group, LLP’s Racketeering and Money Laundering Lawsuit Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury

There Was No Quorum In The Creating The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and The Income Tax Reforms Act

Discovery Channel — Militia Rising — Watchmen of America

Bank Of America Mortgage Fraud: Feds Sue For Over $1 Billion Alleging Multi-Year Scheme

The Irish Sue the Banks

Veterans Today: Romney Tobacco Deal with Russian Mob and GOP

There’s lots of other wild stuff, especially from Gordon Duff, at Veterans Today site as well.


Texas Threatens to Arrest Monitors Sent to Monitor U.S. Election

• RT: Fracking and nuclear side by side in Pennsylvania: A match made in hell?

And see this morning’s post, on that Louisiana sinkhole . . .

An Important Iceland Referendum and the Media Remains Silent

• The Law Case of the Century: Indictment Against NATO Military and Political Leaders

Then there’s the various, mostly suppressed news, on how the U.S. dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency, and what that portends. Google it! Find out for yourself just how confusing, and yet game-changing, a time we are in as we head into the final two months of this storied year when so many think they’re gonna “ascend” and leave this sorry place behind. Maybe not! Or maybe yes!

Check out these two recent dreams of my dear friend Claudia, who does not “believe in” Ascension in her waking life. In her words (I highlight sections that really struck me):

Dream 10/10

I’m with my mother on the street maybe SF. I notice a building
entrance that interests me. My impression now is that she is
moving on but I am going back to see. And say so to her…maybe a little
altercation typical of me needing to see/go my own way.
I look in …it is old…an old city building more tall than wide
very substantial with heavy wood smooth carved appointments
such as a banister with a large heavy looking bronze owl (The owl was initially most
compelling.) I can see to my left.
an odd arrangement of glass panes..kind of like French glass
looking into what?something other I didn’t identify.. not windows but
__________________I can’t remember but I was aware that it did not
connect with the age of or the appearance of the bannister (not integrated)
but was something else….like book shelves but not….but I can’t say that’s true.
I was going up the stairs looking. Then I become aware of singing,,
voices classical sounding sounds but unknown to me. joyful people
around me men and women… faces …one man’s face I can
still see but do not know. (the clothes were like plain old fashioned
night dresses (I remember from the torso only)
When I woke up I thought….I have to call Ann and tell her I ascended.
Of course I don’t know that I have any belief in this.

Dream 10/11

I was in some kind of class….ballet. or
I am standing with my right or was it left foot extended back pointing
touching the floor. I am concerned with the position right arm extended forward,
back straight , knee turned out, heel tucked up. At first I am not so aware
of what I am doing but comment that I notice when the instructor notices.
Then somehow I am instructed to lift the leg and I feel the firmness of
the position. The foot being about 6 – 12 inches off the ground.
Then I am instructed to go from that position into a turn which entailed
a jump. (the instruction of this execution seeming quite odd, inscrutable
and not possible (in a conventional way) . Somehow the movement was
accomplished (with a , I think, a small jump…but now when I think about
it I cannot imagine how). And I am slowly turning on point… turning turning
turning as if the turns could keep going. I am aware of the slowness and
smoothness of the movement in comparison with the speed of a pirouette or
fouette..I think I occasionally use my leg to turn like a fouette.. But then I
realize I am being watched and think I am doing too many…as making
too much of a show…show off. I stop and feel a charlie horse which
brings me to the ground. (I was only aware of the doing before I became
self conscious which brought me back out of it)

Claudia’s second dream reminds me of a post that I put up months ago about the need to learn how to instantly “turn on point” in order to navigate what seem to be wildly disjunctive scenarios. Unfortunately, can no longer locate that post, as I can’t remember the title . . .

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