As we head into the “election” of 2012, I swing in the wild wind of paradox

I hold in my mind two contradictory attitudes. I stay with them, live inside them, dwell there. These are:

1. Re-elect Obama

2. Tear Down the System

How do I remain within this uncomfortable psychic space when everything in me screams to get out, to figure it out, to DO something?

That is the question. That is always the question.

And yet I know: only by remaining here, swinging in the wild wind of paradox, immersed in this creative, regenerative soup of unknowing, will the way forward reveal itself.

In the Re-Elect Obama part of me, I still “hope” that he is the man I think he is, in thrall to the cabal on the outside, but free inside, and, if re-elected, will possibly be able to help lead the way out of the militarized corporate state. This part of me writes about it, and reposts editorials like this one and this one:

The Cabal Behind the Curtain

In the Tear down the System part of me, I pay attention to the shocking, provocative wisdom of Russell Means, “the most famous American Indiana since Geronimo and Crazy Horse,” who has just died, on October 22, 2012; and this fact, of course, makes us sit up and take notice of what he’s been saying and doing all along — both as an historian of unusually broad and deep perspective, and as an activist. His most recent provocation, to declare the “Republic of Lakotah” independent of the U.S.A. government, may yet prove a template for various other regions within this vast land which, as he says, is not unified, because it has no culture, no value system beyond that of “convenience.”

infowars R.I.P. Russell Means


R.T. interview Russell Means

Meanwhile, I continue to build community, here, on the ground. In the garden with others. In my neighborhood with others. In my town with others. Building relationships, one at a time, each one a sacred trust of immense value. And meanwhile, paying attention, to what comes up within me, the parts of me that are unconscious, reactive, stupid. Moving them into the light of awareness, holding open my heart.

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0 Responses to As we head into the “election” of 2012, I swing in the wild wind of paradox

  1. Ian says:

    Can’t make your mind? ….? don’t vote at all? … both are 0’s (zero’s).
    0,1,0,1,0,1,1,1,0,0,1,0,1…life goes on.

  2. Ian says:

    To decide is easy:
    New World Order means a suicide for America and only one out of two parties promotes it.
    Vote opposition.

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