School Lunch Program = Big Ag Waste Disposal System

Here’s we’re up against in this locovore food revolution that is grabbing us and yanking us out of the industrialized food/medicine/academic/military machine.

In contrast, see Alice Waters, the food culture she helped initiate, and has now extended to the Edible Schoolyard Project. And check out your own schools, what’s served there to our children. I bet you that in every town across this vast land, there’s some kind of food revolution brewing, at least through a local farmer’s market, CSAs, community gardens, etc. What better place to start than with what our children eat? What better place to start returning to real education than to let them get their hands in the soil, plant a tiny seed, and pull up a long, strong, orange carrot only weeks later? That’s a reward that goes way beyond getting an “A” for regurgitating a so-called “fact” that you memorized for a moment.

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