Pointings: Possible financial/political bombshells

Here are a few provocative articles that you might want to pursue. Are they all related? If so, how?

Benjamin Fulford, via americankabuki:

Will there be a Coup d’Etat in the U.S. in the Next Couple of Weeks?

As I recall, Drake, for one, thinks so. I also hear about “mass arrests on November 5th. Alex Jones has been wondering about social chaos no matter who wins. Google “chaos after elections alex jones” and you’ll find lots of stories of this type.

Whatever “goes down,” it’s bound to be messy, confusing and inconclusive, given that Mercury turns to go retrograde on Election Day, and see this, too.


Meanwhile, here’s a bombshell on the financial front. Good or bad? From removingtheshackles.blogspot.ca.

IMF Plan to Dethrone Bankers and Wipe Out Debt

Wow! However, if you google “IMF and wipe out debt” you’ll see a lot of entries from the last few years relating to this idea.


Meanwhile, the top two IRS leaders to resign?? From 2012scenario. I’ve seen this story elsewhere also. Who knows what it “means,” if anything. But I do get the distinct feeling that, with Saturn now in Scorpio (October 6, 2012 through December 23, 2014), there’s already roiling rumblings under the apparently glassy surface.

Top Two Leaders of U.S. Tax Office (IRS) Resign


And wow, here’s where the U.S.-demotion-to-Banana-Republic really hits home! Or is it demolition to Banana Republic? From “hyperpower” of the whole world, to this? Sure didn’t take very long! A couple of failed wars later, and just look at this Emperor, his thousand bases strewn across the globe, still gobbling up resources, leaving him naked as a newborn, shivering in fear. From Fox News.

U.N. to Monitor U.S. Polling Locations on Election Day

Oh, but wait a minute. All this was planned, right? “By design.” First the U.S. as hyperpower, then the U.N! An even higher hierarchy! And, of course, controlled from somewhere “above” or “below” by other shady characters of whom we know nothing. Huh? Really? Let’s get over it, all this top-down squabbling, this predatory climbing of whatever pyramid’s up higher than you are. Live and let live! Let go of trying to control the world. Takes too much energy. Everybody’s exhausted. Time to clean up the bloody mess we’ve made and get on with living.


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  1. Re: Coup d’ Etat:


    …is dedicated to retaining national Constitutional sovereignty by refusing to enforce 10 important illegal orders. We may not be able to prevent the cabal from attempting UN takeover, but the chances of turning all the branches of US Armed Forces over to the UN’s effective control is nil. And just who is going to force our armed forces to stand down? Once you load a fighter plane with weapons and send it airborne it has the capacity to alter a squadron, which has the capacity to alter an engagement, which has the capacity to determine who owns the air, and that makes life for massed groups on the ground very problematic and ineffective if not also very deadly depending on what weapons are loaded on the aircraft. The US Air Force is dominantly Bible Belt Patriots. They appear to harbor a strong spiritual based ethic at all levels of command that is well prepared for these trying times. Any President who issues such an order would find his/her role of leadership rapidly deflated. The President would have to declare martial law and find an army to enforce order on the ground, face a Congress of 435 independent voices, and another 100 senators, all of who would have alternative media and public opinion unified against them.

    The UN would not be able to enforce stability on the ground. Department of Homeland Security has 400-million rounds, but no effective trigger pullers outside their immediate circle.

    FEMA detention centers would become porous recruiting centers for militant patriot rebels. Ultimately those who activate these centers will likely, ultimately find the centers their roles reversed and themselves “those inside detained for their own protection.”

    The issuing US President that signs this order would be summarily deposed through legal impeachment processes within 45 to 90 days of signing any order to turn over the US to UN Ground Forces.

    Within 120 days after signing the original UN order the UN would be reconvened under a new administration and a veto vote would be recast by the US rescinding UN Orders and withdrawing UN Troops.

  2. 9/11 has grown to obvious an embarrassment. According to a poll I read, in VTN, Gordon Duff’s organization, a highly read and regarded vets blog, the vast majority of all service personnel in all ranks believe 9/11 was an inside job. I don’t believe the Joint Chiefs will allow another False Flag Operation.

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