New Yorker editorial: “The re-election of Obama is a matter of great urgency”

I voted early last week, and slapped this sticker on my coat. Despite my own understanding that both candidates and both parties are cabal-controlled, I still agree with the New Yorker, that it is imperative to re-elect Obama. Why? Because he hasn’t yet shown what he can do, given the forces arrayed against him. And I am one of those who choose to remain open to the possibiity that “we can,” and that the sacrifice Obama is making by gifting his life force to the world’s peoples during this time of greatest peril is of immense value, and deserves our support.

This view was reinforced when I recently read a long profile of Obama in Vanity Fair, Obama’s Way, where reporter Michael Lewis followed the President around for six months and revealed the careful, meticulous way that he goes about making decisions.

Also, according to planet waves Eric Francis, Obama’s Sun, at 12°33 Aquarius, is within one quarter of a degree of a minor planet “Damocles,” at 12°52 Leo: From birth on, Obama has been like a king with the Sword of Damocles hanging over his head.

This fits with my and others’ perception that Obama is “working with a gun to his head.” That until the forces of light increase enough, he is unable to defy or defeat the cabal that elected him. Did he know what he signed up for? If so, his courage is extraordinary. If not, let us pray for him: that he grows into the role he is destined to play, that he lives through the ordeal, that he and his family are safe, and that we, who would benefit from his very Aquarian vision, plumb the depths of ourselves to discover just how we gave our power away — to him, especially! — during that election of 2008 when all the world seemed so full of promise.

Guess what, folks: IT STILL IS!

It’s not up to Obama to save us. It’s up to all of us to save ourselves, individually and collectively.

Remember, Mercury turns to go retrograde on the very day that we “elect” the next president of the U.S. All bets are off as to what will happen that day. We may not know for some time. The decision may be reversed. And who knows what will happen when the next presidency begins?

If you recall, in January 2008 the newly appointed Supreme Court Justice John Roberts flubbed his lines when reading the oath of office to Obama. Obama gently corrected him. That, to me, felt like an shivery omen. And Mercury wasn’t even retrograde! Imagine what this “election” might bring. And BTW: also remember that the last time Mercury was Rx was during the hanging chad election of 2000. But it didn’t turn that day. This time, let me repeat, it actually turns on the very day of the election (and so the retrograde factor is even more emphasized)! I can’t imagine what kind of high strangeness is in the offing.

Breathe! Keep breathing! Allow the forces of light and love to fill our lungs and hearts and flow out to fill the world. We ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for. And for heaven’s (and Earth’s) sake, VOTE!


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