Let us celebrate our open hearts

I was privileged to witness my husband, Jeffrey Joel, over a 12 year period, gradually and tenaciously chip through the thick cement wall that had surrounded his heart.

Jeff, looking on, as usual. This photo was taken during the time when the cement wall had thinned to the point where I could feel him opening. Not quite, but almost.

When we met, he was deep inside the depression that had held him all his adult life.

Twelve years later, he lifted out of body, triumphant, his journey here, to become a truly human being, done.

He had trained as a Princeton/MIT mathematician. He spoke over 30 languages. He studied all the time, devouring one subject after another and storing the knowledge in his giant brain. He was not happy.

I would repeat to him, over and over, during the years when he was still locked inside, while looking him straight in the eye: “Your heart is even bigger than your brain.”

And so it was. Those who were privileged to be in the presence of this vast being during his final six months on earth will never forget the refulgence with which his enormous spiritual heart, finally freed, beamed; full, open, compassionate, here for all of us. Finally here.

And then he died! Of a “heart attack.” He was done.

The following post reminds me of the one I posted yesterday.

The Heart People

October 21, 2012



heartin hand

I have dealt with a lot of people’s personal issues around the globe. Somehow a pattern has emerged that has me standing in awe, thinking: Yes, there is hope for the radiant “heart”-people.

There is so much fighting on the internal scale for the heart people, it’s an internal alignment to what I conceive to be the shift. The real shift.
The Heart people are somehow radiating and connecting from continent to continent. It’s the heart driven neural network of the Heart people, generous people, people who are “givers” and not by any means “takers”. They just love way beyond new age clichés, because it is with every fiber of their being.

They touched down from cosmos somewhere to fulfill what ever karma or destiny they are here to impact into the turmoil and deprivation of the ghoulish Matrix.
So brave warriors of the new dawn, so fragile, so humble, and yet ever so strong.

It seems like, and I´ve touched upon the subject before, the internal shift is very much speeding up, and that would somehow cause a diversion between being in the heart and finding one´s true path in this life.

The internal shift would be the higher emotional shift of the higher inner feelings, aligning with the psychical aspect that goes into body and the external physical surroundings.

If you are one of the heart people, you could very well be in that situation. And why wouldn’t you be a heart person? All other options are frankly not that attractive.

Here are some issues that for me prove that pattern:


– Sadness
– Not feeling plugged into life
– Bewildered
– What I refer to as: “ That roundabout feeling”: which path to take?
– Various symptoms of the “Stockholm Syndrome”; being a financial, emotional or psychical hostage.
– Internal and external ghoulish fights.
– Very sensitive emotional immune system that often inflates into the physical.

Not all at same, you might have one or two. Some actually have all.


– High-vibrational healing skills
– High vibrational intuitive skills
– Plugged very much into the emotional GPS
– Highly creative skills.

If I focus on the skills, I can certainly understand the difficulty of manifesting them at the present. As these people do. But, they will prevail.
They are bringing water to the desert people caught in the matrix. That’s the job now. Just do it discretely and persistent and silently, and the collective consciousness will shift your way. You can’t force it, right, but you can affect it.

And that’s also your job right now.

You won’t get applauded, you wont get paid much and that’s just really the matrix echo anyway.

So be happy, be humble, be vigilant. And don’t fall into low vibrational traps. You are not in that place anymore.

The heart people actually have shifted.

They are not in queue, and that extra mile they have traveled is not in anyway crowded right now. They have set out, and are moving more and more rapidly towards their true potential and the catharsis of letting that manifest in a very explicit way.

The Matrix should very much be afraid of that movement, and it is.That’s why it’s coming down on the heart people so hard.

I have met these heart people from all corners of the world over the last month.
If you are one of those I have had the honor of meeting, I have to tell you:

From the streets of Cape Town to Bollywood, to the plains of Canada, the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, the Australian outback, the jungles of Brazil :

You are not alone. You are loving and loved. Celestial forces surround you. You are protected. You are soon to meet your fellow peers. You are a movement that hasn’t gathered yet. And that is actually good tactics, since the Matrix can dissolve a gathering, but has no idea how to dissolve a high-frequency neural heart based network, zapping through the un-manifested realms of higher altitudes.

Your day will come, where you will radiate through the darkness of the Matrix, blinding the perverted and profoundly sick power ghouls.

There is hope for our downtrodden souls yet. There is hope for this beautiful place we call earth. You being here proves that fact.

Look for the heart people.

They would be the ones holding the key to the kingdom. That key is in their hands.

Find them, and if you can’t; They will find you. Be sure to open the door.

You don’t want to miss their ever so gentle touch on your longing soul.

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  1. This was so encouraging, Ann, I can barely express it. Just know that each word from you and from Soren Dreier touched me very deeply and I am grateful.


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