Fractured Wrist Chronicles: progress!

To those who’ve been wondering about my wrist . . . thanks for asking!

I went to the therapist again today. And . . . drumroll . . .!

Last week, we established a baseline for the motions of my right wrist, using the left wrist as “normal.” My right wrist was at 58% of normal last week. He said he hoped I would heal at a rate of 10% per week. And when I went in there today, he said that anything 70% or above is called “functional.” Well, guess what!

With the help of my comfrey compresses (four I think since the last appointment) and small amounts of comfrey tea, my wrist has improved to 76% of normal, that’s an 18% increase in one week.

He told me that I went through my thrice daily exercises too fast. That I needed to slow down. Slow like tai chi, he said. Good advice.

Today I did dishes without the splint on. Last night I brushed my teeth with the right hand for the first time. But. . . this noon I went out for a Japanese meal, and had a terrible time with chopsticks. And it still hurts a lot to try to spoon anything out of a jar, or screw on or off a lid, or use a can opener.

Dancing over the weekend with the Sufis was a bit stressful on the right wrist, since we were holding hands so much. But what I really noticed there, was how careful and gentle all my dance partners were. Without noticing, I think. Just a natural sensitivity that comes with the open heart.

Tonight I might try sleeping without the splint for the first time. YES!

Little by little . . .

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