Tiny houses as “civil disobedience” . . .

From my notes:

“When I heard that it was illegal to live in a small house, that’s pretty much when I decided to live in a small house.”

“I don’t know why more people aren’t pissed off about the zoning and building codes that prohibit small houses. The codes that prohibit these things were actually developed by the housing and insurance industry. . .”

“It’s been an evolution of mandatory consumption laws ever since.”

“There are still a few loopholes: trailer parks and RV s. . . You can actually camp out in your RV in your own yard as long as you don’t say you’re ‘living’ in it.”

“The codes have been posing as ‘safety laws.'”

“We’re so stuck in this ‘additive mentality’ that even Leeds certification is “just throw something else on the roof to make it sustainable.”

“The restrictions put us on requiring us to live large have been really eroding our culture. . .”

“Trailer parks are a great model for zoning, essentially allowing for the last form of community in this country (except for co-housing). I love the idea of building a trailer park with great architecture in it and all the cars to the outside with the people in the middle.”

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  1. This is so awesome! I have been getting rather obsessed with reading tiny home blogs and then clipping images, plans, photos of interiors to my Pinterest account… I think they are the neatest thing ever. I would adore living in one. To read that it is not only an ecological move but a sociopolitical one makes *me* all the more interested, too! Thank you so much for finding this, Ann!

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