Peak Oil inspires Protests and Permablitzes

As activists begin to occupy the Keystone XL pipeline route across six heartland states and numerous acquifers and rivers, journalist Chris Hedges draws attention to this extraordinary situation and those who are putting their very lives on the line.

Join the Blockade of the Keystone Pipeline

Prolonged, massive protest is one arm of this bottom-up revolution of the 99% in values and consciousness. The other arm is creative, inspired, fun, and community building, rewiring us to remember that we are connected, that we have always been connected, that the “individualism” promoted by predatory capitalism no longer works. We will no longer be divided and conquered. We are the many. They are the few. And we are beginning to wake up to that one undisputed fact and what it implies for the future of the human race.

Alternatives to the ongoing industrialized rape of our dear Mother Earth lie right here at home, everywhere. Permablitzes contribute to “post-peak” culture!

Heinberg: “If you have millions of people gardening, that makes an enormous difference.”

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  1. “If you have millions of people gardening, that makes an enormous difference.”
    Indeed it does. In 1947 emerging from WWII, my first job was to take my little red wagon and fill it with vegetables from our Victory Garden, walk around the neighborhood calling out at the age of “going on 4″……. “Vegetables, Fresh From The Garden”. 10-cents would buy you a big bunch of anything you wanted out of my wagon. Sold out every time before I got 2/3’rds the way around the block. Most profitable business I ever owned.

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