Illuminati Machinations Department: Real or reel?

Want to get a taste of one way of looking down one of the diverse rabbit holes that seem to be popping up everywhere? Here’s Alcuin Brammerton, of Alcuin and Flutterby, who describes himself thusly:

“Alcuin Bramerton is a human being seeking to operate happily in the post-religious world. The New Spirituality interests him. His friend, Flutterby, is not in physical incarnation on the Earth-plane at present, but he advises Alcuin on spiritual matters. And there is a lot happening. Unreported by the mainstream media, a man in a grey suit is standing by the yoghurt shelves in a supermarket in Cornwall. He is looking for morphine suppositories. This man is not the promised messiah. Coincidentally, at another remote location in southern England, a man with false teeth is eating a cheese soufflé for lunch. He bites on something hard. There is a second pair of false teeth in his cheese soufflé. This man is not the promised messiah either. Epiphanies of this kind illustrate how difficult it can be to determine the exact size of God in becquerels per cubic light year. But still the attempt is made.”

This is a veeerry long conspiratorial tale that aims to connect all the dots. But is there any way to identify ALL the dots? And if not, might the connections — and with them, the entire gestalt — shift with each new dot discovered (or invented)?

Even if not instructive, still, this story is entertaining as an over-the-top example. We all suffer from a haunted sense of the disconnectedness of everything. We all look for meaning, a way to see/feel the whole in terms of patterns. Perhaps all the patterns found are real. And unreal. Each one just a reel, one of an infinite number of movies spinning out of the creative void that we humans cannot help but plug into.

I’m taken back to Bill Hicks, his brilliant comic riff, “Remember, folks, it’s just a ride.”

Thanks to for the pointer.

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