Matt Taibbi: Joe Biden was right to laugh

Re: the VP debate (which of course, I didn’t watch):

Matt Taibbi nails it. Here’s another institution, namely the “Televised Presidential and VP Debates,” having transmogrified into a gladiator-spectacle-cum-“reality show,” exploding out of its excessively narrow, polarized, 3D framework that helped keep sheeple from opening our minds to the larger universe since 1960, when Kennedy debated Nixon, and his charisma blew Nixon out of the water.

Too late for charisma now. Too late to be led around by a “leader.” The system is broken. We need a whole new approach that begins inside each of us as a sovereign citizen.

And these debates? Way past due for being scrapped. I think that’s what Obama was pretty much dealing with, given his body language and attitude during the first debate in Denver. He was wrestling with himself. “What in hell am I doing here? Should I just walk off the stage?”

The Vice Presidential Debate: Joe Biden was Right to Laugh

And here’s Biden, laughing.

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