Stuart Wilde: “The New World Order is the dream of silly old men, impotent men. . . It’s all their illusion.”

On the day after unrepentant pedophile Jerry Sandusky is sentenced to 30 to 60 years for 45 counts of sexual abuse of ten young boys, Stuart Wilde weighs in on the sexual perversion at the heart of the doomed New World Order. Not surprising to any of us who have long seen bombs and nuclear missiles — and now the disgusting, ubiquitous drones — as hard, mechanized, phallic substitutes. Why rape one at a time when you can bomb the whole world? In that light, I find it interesting that the Washington Monument, our nation’s tallest official phallic symbol, was whacked by a a four-foot-long crack reverberating from that weird earthquake(?) underground explosion (?) in Virginia last August. As the New World Order flaccidifies, so does the severely imbalanced, male-dominated Patriarchy of the last 2000 years.

The King is Dead. Long Live the Queen! Not because women are better than men, but because women, who carry both sons and daughters in their wombs, love them equally, and nurture them to adulthood, realize: as motherhood is a sacred trust, so is sexuality, its use for mutual pleasure, procreation and interpersonal communion, not control and domination.

May the next 2000 years restore the balance.

The New World Order is Dead On Arrival

October 10, 2012

by Stuart Wilde, with a pointer from

Light will Bring the End of the New World Order

The idea of the New World Order is dead on arrival.

The proponents of the idea, like little boy Tony Blair, are too corrupt and immature. The others are into the power and greed. That sets up antagonistic forces, which lust for the same power that the little boys have. What order would an inane degenerate like George Bush, whose been implicated in the 9/11 murders, bring to the world? It’s not going to happen.

Belligerence is infectious. The Turks are set to war with Syria, the Chinese are in a feud with Japan, the Jews want to bomb Iran, the Arabs want to rub out Israel, Russia has sent 90,000 troops to Syria, India fights with Pakistan, Greece is tearing itself apart, Spain is in turmoil, Catalonia wants to leave and become independent, and the world is smothered in a tsunami of debt.

The New World Order is the dream of silly old men, impotent men, with little perception or real value. It’s all their illusion. I’ve said before, the first time a bullet goes through the window of the Federal Reserve, the illusion of their feigned grandeur will pop like a soap bubble. It is very possible that the population will not allow themselves to be crushed by lies, and the corruptions of old men.

The desire to control and dominate is a demonic force, deep down it is sexual perversion, like pedophilia (see below), the macho male thrusting himself upon the feminine spirit, attempting to own her and dominate.

Obama’s campaign ad saying women should vote for him as if their private parts depended on it, illustrates my point. The lust for political power and importance is sexual, no one realized that before. Kissinger admitted it when he said, “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” Seventy year old Silvio Berluscioni in Italy, fell when he was exposed for having sexual intercourse with a minor, and running parties with prostitutes at his house. It’s the reign of perverts. There is a link below at the end of this article that lists all the court convictions of the all pedophiles in the British government. There are lots of cases.

Obama’s insulting ad

Beyond the last copulation of an old man’s flaccid, drooping male member, comes a feigned self-importance, a desperate attempt by his ego to hold himself erect, and from that comes his cruelty and the vengeance of control as a sexual release or substitute. Sometimes it’s a manifestation of his vengeance against women, his anger. The demonic possession these men exhibit is triggered by impotence or an impending impotence. See the hidden link? Interesting eh?

There is a Fifth Force, an inner light, a vast light, it is not a military light per se, but it is part of the feminine spirit and as it washes over the world’s macho—the male darkness—the tyrants fall to accidents, disease, assassinations, military coups and other troubles.

Essentially they are rubbed out from within first, like I said before, Gaddafi fell in those inner worlds six months before he was toppled here. Once the tyrants fall in the inner world they are removed in our world, very few people know much about the workings of the Fifth Force.

The reign of these violent perverts is a non-starter, their karma will catch up with them a long time before they establish a New World Order, in fact, we are quite obviously entering an age of a great global disorder. The New World Order has zero chance of survival, which is why I feel it’s accurate to say, it’s dead on arrival.

p.s. I would write of what I’ve seen of the Fifth Force in detail, but I doubt many would believe me. But I can try a bit. (See next article, The Fifth Force).

This site below tracks pedophilia convictions of government officials in Britain, there are a lot of cases on the siite

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