After the U.S. “Saturn Return,” Saturn enters Scorpio, with Uranus/Pluto setting the stage

This isn’t going to be a long research article (I don’t have patience for those anymore), but I would like to offer a short glance at the U.S. chart, and the fact that we’ve just gone through another Saturn Return, where the chickens come home to roost. All of 2011 and 2012 signified that the Empire, built up since Eisenhower’s day when he warned of the Military Industrial Complex, is on its way out. Why do say this?

Because the Empire needs an endless supply of fiat U.S. dollars to keep on expanding, and that capacity, to print money at will, is just about exhausted. Here’s the chart, with the original Saturn in the tenth house of the nation’s path. (Notice that chimerical, deceptive, and/or truly spiritual Neptune is near the Midheaven of the chart, strongly positioned to gin up The American Dream (or nightmare, as it has turned out to be).

Saturn’s original position at 14° Libra places it almost exactly square to the nation’s Sun, at 13° Cancer. We’ve always made alliances with others in the world in order to feed and nourish ourselves, “The Homeland,” as George H. Bush called it, in eerie echo of Hitler’s Germany. No joke, it turns out. More and more, the interior of this country is being militarized. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the not too distant future, NWO plans would have had us all stiffly saluting every time we came in the presence of a uniform.

Every 30 years or so, Saturn returns to its natal place. In 1951, Eisenhower had just been elected, and willing or not, he presided over the initial build-up of the Military Industrial Complex. In 1981, Reagan had just been elected, he who made famous that notion of “trickle down” economics. Feed the rich, and they shall throw crumbs to the poor. Oh yeah? That wasn’t how it worked out.

It’s amazing to me that “trickle down” wasn’t roundly booed from the beginning! So interesting, how the very name of this economic doctrine said what it meant. The planners never meant it to lead to real equality; it wouldn’t be a “cascade down” but at best a drop by drop “trickle”! They even said so!

So now here we are again. In the first months of a new cycle. Saturn went into Scorpio a few days ago, and already, the shit hits the fan. For example, take just these two current news stories, both of them political/financial:

Russia to Liberate the World from U.S. Occupation

Wow, get a load of that word “occupation” in this context. Says it all, don’tcha think?


Chavez Win Strengthens Bolivarism

And, it turns out, his re-election wasn’t even close.

South America was where the economic/political/corporate/military policies of the Chicago School of Economics were supposed to strut their stuff. See Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine. They didn’t. And now the emerging alliance of South American countries plays a whole new kind of ball game, led by Chavez. Not even cancer keeps him down.

This new U.S. Saturn cycle happens to be inaugurated during the first year of the seven-times-repeated shocks of Uranus square Pluto (2012-2015). Nothing will go as the corporate U.S. planned. The party’s over. Saturn in Libra insists on justice and equality, and for the bloated U.S., that means national and global redistribution, of both wealth and resources. Watch a whole new kind of Saturn cycle over the next 30 years.

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