David Wilcock: current dreams and interpretation

I find the resonance between what Wilcock has been going through, the guidance to stop what he’s doing and start over, and my own journey with grieving my Dad’s death that spun out the Fractured Wrist Chronicles to be startling. But then, of course! May we all experience the grace of the divine as he/she dips down into our little 3D worlds to shake us up, rattle our cages, squeeze out of our innards all those old boring patterns that keep us from breaking through.

Let’s face it! The unexpected is to be expected as we round the final turn of the home stretch in a race to the “end” (and new beginning) of the Mayan Calendar (December 21, 2012 (or thereabouts)) that has had us all panting for 25 years (ever since the first globally synchronized meditation at sacred sites all over the world during Harmonic Convergence, mid-August 1987).

And I also find it interesting that he, and others, Kauilapele for one, have also been guided to just stop already, enough with paying so much attention to the bad guys and their shenanigans, which are becoming so absurd that whatever nastiness they try next, somebody steps up and calls it immediately: FALSE FLAG!

They’ve entered the realm of what I call “whip-lash karma.” And haven’t we all?

Instead of repeating ourselves, anguishing over what’s over and done, let us concentrate on what’s new, what’s coming in — to my life, to your life, to our life, to the life ramping up through our Mother Ship Earth in her solar system family as we all sail onward through the expanding cosmic sea of the One Being that diffracts into form after form after form in infinite creative play, gurgling with joy and pleasure.

Read it on Wilcock’s site:

Will 2012 Be the Year of Freedom?

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