Stuart Wilde: “We are here to rescue each other . . . secretly infecting each other with goodness.”

Here’s a post I can completely relate to. It resonates with my own secret mission, to radiate love and caring to every stranger, usually Indiana University students, whom puppy Shadow and I pass by on our morning walks.

And you know what? I can attest to this quite remarkable fact: after being on this mission for a number of years, this year feels different. Not so many distracted on electronic devices. More actual meeting and greeting, either out loud or in silent communion; more spontaneous smiles, grins, a willingness to show vulnerability, if for but that fleeting moment.

This mission offers such riches! Each time we cross the abyss between ourselves and another, the world opens. Love pours in, her tendrils spilling into the surround. We soften, reach into essence.

This morning, for the first time, as a young woman passed by — Shadow trotting, as usual, in front, grinning, ears flopping, on the hunt for chipmunks — she actually burst out, surprising even herself:

“Your puppy . . . just makes me happy!”

“Good!” I responded, happy, too. “That’s his job!”

The Infection of Goodness


A lot of my friends are trackers of sorts, not in the traditional sense but ‘inner world’ trackers. They take people across the great divide to other dimensions and back, delivering them home safely. I find some of these people quite heroic in their dedication. They take a risk because they love people.

Just such a one took me to the high mountains of the Mazatec Indian people in Mexico, a few years back. We were looking for a way, a secret one, not often traveled. One night in a very remote Indian village we sat and ate from a stall on the side of the road. We were talking about the descent of the goddess and how that will now change everything for the better, my friend said, “You know, Stuart, all we are really doing here on earth is secretly infecting people with goodness.”
That struck a cord.

Regular readers will have read that I talk about a transdimensional overlay that has descended on this earth that we call the ‘Morph’. Each one of us can become like a tent rope for the grounding of that energy, fastening it to the ground, so that it can now travel laterally across the earth. You have to be quite clear in your own energy field, and you can’t get into any pomposity about it, it’s just something you do silently. I’ll touch an iron lamppost and say a Latin pray that translates as, ‘Here is the cross of Christ, negative forces be gone, victory to the Lion of Judea.’

I’m not Christian but it’s my way of claiming that lamppost back for God. Say whatever prayer you want, if you are a follower of that Irish guru call on him saying, “O’Manny Paddy Om, I claim this lamppost for you Bubba, here’s one you didn’t have before.”

When you touch a post and dedicate it, it will radiate for a few meters either side. People walk through that goodness and they are either elevated and healed a bit, or sometimes their ivory tower falls a bit. It’s up to them, one never knows which way it goes. In the past the ghouls would have taken that post back very quickly but now their power and influence is waning they can’t control the earth as they did before. I touch doorknobs, fences, gates, traffic poles, whatever; I would have done over ten thousand easily.

I have a high-tech torch that looks like a pen that comes from Germany. It is a bio-resonance light-pen that re-phrases water making it more slippery. We drink that to clear cluster in our bodies but you can also use it to re-phase a room. So I’ll shine the light in an elevator and leave it feeling like a waterfall rather than the stressed-out, tired energy, elevators often have. I re-phase crowds, buildings, street corners, whatever. Sometime I drive round deserted cities at night and re-phase ten city blocks of downtown. Shining the light on buildings, windows, shops, trash cans, as I go along. I go up and down the streets for an hour or two until the whole area is fixed up to a new level.

If a place is particularly putrid like a S&M club, or a shooting gallery for addicts, I walk in and give it extra attention; sometimes I talk to the people if they are up for it. Corners where street gangs operate drugs businesses are a bit tricky as they are dangerous so I am not suggesting that for you, but you can usually get in and out of loads of places if you are silent and not abrasive.

We are here to change the earth but we can’t do it head on, it has to be done quietly and gradually, but we now have the help of unseen beings that come from an angelic world so what changes we make will now endure long enough for people to benefit. If a person looks you in the eye say the word ‘love’ silently. If they touch you, say, ‘blessings and peace.’ If they look sick say, ‘good strength’, if they look scared offer them courage. Sometimes I breathe into their hearts the word that I am silently saying, you can do this from behind as well from in front of them.

Sometimes, I touch them brushing past and I put a little energy in that way. I only do that if I know they are sick. There are five cones on the fingers of my left hand that look like pointed thimbles, if I imagine breathing down my arm to my fingertips the thimbles double in length to about four to six inches. They are cool. Sometimes I watch them at night in the darkness of a hotel room; they look like Johnny Depp’s hands in Edward Scissorhands. They offer me a bit of hope when my soul is crying.

You can leave little bubbles of energy in the street or park at about knee height for kids that come past, it’s neat to watch a child react as it walks through one. They know. It is just the act of establishing goodness, moving energy or re-phasing reality so it is less glue-like and people feel less fear and impediments.

The light pens help you but you don’t have to use them. You can use your mind and your breath and your hands. It’s just caring and love that you are offering and the affirmation that says you have the silent power to reclaim spots of the planet back to the light. And you can. Evil never moves until you shove it, so everyone has to do his or her little bit.

We are here to rescue each other and bring people back to sanity and well being, but we have to do it silently without people knowing and without expecting any recognition or accolades. If you show off or make a performance of it all you become devilish and the Forces of Light may rub you out as a false prophet rather than pick you up.

Look at the God-force, it is everywhere, yet it doesn’t advertise its presence, it is silent and secret. As my tracker friend says, we are secretly infecting the world with goodness and eventually that will spread to others and they in turn will affect the rest of the world. A silent goodness will now drift over the land like an early morning mist and one day we will wake to find there is no more fear and pain and all the darkness is gone.

We have worked for that, we deserve it.

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