HELP THIS GO VIRAL! To prevent cyber false flag attack

The more of us who become aware of this deeply nefarious possibility, the less of a chance that it can be carried out.

Thanks to for the pointer.

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  1. isis2012 says:

    This is a great video .. and so happy that so many mainstream people are not falling for these false accusation against other countrymen which would excite wars, hatred and prejudices …

    Nevertheless… these such events spoken of in the video … would also have all probable applications of a process necessary for a step by step removal and shut down of the old negative electron control systems … that system which the satanic regime put in place as to gain powers over the Mother Earth’s matrix …

    So if there are system interruptions … I consider them to be necessary … and if poison foods are being removed from the shelves … or if a total collapse of the money system began to crumble … I consider those events to be necessary too …

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