Fractured wrist chronicles, day six

Or day five, after surgery.

SO very much I now have time to watch and read and yet it’s too difficult and exhaustingly slow to comment on or post . . . the inevitable frustration sets in . . . breathe into it, notice it, surrender to it . . .

Here’s one, an incredible video: and look at his site,

Procedures I’ve painstakingly learned:

* To take off shirt (n0 bra, that would be way too difficult): 1) pull shirt up over head with left hand. 2) pull shirt sleeve inside out from injured right wrist. 3) pull up with left hand to get left sleeve off. I tried another way and got stuck, had to have help.

* To shower: 1) get a plastic newspaper cover and slip it over splint on injured right wrist and arm with left hand. 2) get rubber band, slide up over plastic covered arm to elbow. (Amazing, how well the newspaper cover works. An exact fit! I’m brilliant!) At end, when dressing, leave plastic on, until I’ve got the long sleeved shirt up that arm so it slides over dressing easier. Dress, by reversing undress process, the sleeve over injured arm first.

* To use right hand fingers to help hold boiled chicken carcass for deboning: use that plastic sleeve again, so the dressing on that hand/wrist doesn’t get wet or soiled.

* To put recalcitrant collar on puppy Shadow after actually daring to give him a bath (with plastic sleeve, of course): take Shadow to neighbor Aggie’s house, she’ll do it.

How very boring these picky little details, for all but the injured one, me!

I also (of course) have a bunch of cascading kaleisoscoping perspectives on this slow-way-down time. Later for that. I do notice that this required focus on tiny, one-by-one steps to enable my sweet, infinitely patient and miraculously self-healing injured body to adapt can be intrinsically interesting to one whose focus is usually multidimensional, cosmic, soaring.

Still pain med free. Still pooping. MAJOR STEP FOR ONE WHO HAS BEEN ON OPIATES.

As if I’m a baby, learning to walk. Such a victory for the one confined to crawling!

Perhaps more later today. Or not.

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  1. You’re doing well. Drink your green drink! Do those funny exercises you do! Keep on trucken! 🙂 🙂

  2. Kay Waggoner says:

    Thanks for your updates Ann ~ recovery, I know it well myself. Hang in there, accept the help you need and be grateful that you have so many willing to help 🙂 It’s a great feeling, isn’t it ?

    Sending Love ~ take it easy!

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