WOW! CNN searches for “aliens . . .”

. . . and finds them, or at least “credible” people, like Edgar Mitchell and Leon Panetti and Jimmy Carter and Dennis Kucinich, who vouch for them.

Interesting that such “soft disclosure” should crop up now, during this extraordinary Uranus/Pluto week, on MSM news. Does it follow from the DIY youtube film of a few days ago, where “we the people” talk about “our Galactic Family”?

If so, then notice how corporate-controlled CNN changed the tone, just by using that word “alien” to describe these “others” whose presence and visitation so many can vouch for. Perhaps we should call them familiars, rather than aliens, and yes, best to call them family, because that is what they are. Oh, and yes, of course, this CNN “special report” would begin with somber, doom-laden music; and of course, it would feature a fear-based tone of ridicule on the part of the female reporter. So glad to see that the male reporter didn’t flinch from her silliness as he mentioned his own UFO experience.

Hey folks, get over it!

Rather than fearing an “invasion,” we should be issuing an invitation.

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