David Adair speaks up about his experiences at Area 51

I haven’t watched the older videos yet, but the latest one (July 2012), at the bottom, is astonishing. After sitting on his experiences since 1971, Adair is finally letting people know because, he says, the world has changed in the past 20 years to the point where the general public is willing to take his claims seriously. He also says that what the government is worried about is not Americans’ reaction to official acknowledgement of ET presence but decades-long government secrets and lies denying it.

David Adair boy genius and revolutionary teenage rocket scientist

September 20, 2012

posted by Steve Beckow


I see that Fred Burks is sending around a David Adair video and suggesting people may want to have a look at it. David is a genius who designed rockets when he was just a teenager. The military wanted his rockets so bad they flew him to Area 51 and showed him ET engines they had there (which were living entities). The men in black could not figure how to make them work.

Adair’s home-built rockets could go faster than anything the States or Russia had at the time. But David took brave steps to see that they never fell into the hands of the MIB.

One day he wrote up a hugely complex formula and gave it to a professor, only to have Stephen Hawking arrive later and demand to know why David was stealing his equations. David said they weren’t stolen, but that he gets them in dreams. Stephen Hawking had to admit that that was the same way he gets his.

Fred’s Youtube link was non-responsive so perhaps I can post one series of David’s videos. There are many more. Definitely a good show.

More parts on Youtube.

I went to view a second, new video on David: UFOTV: David Adair at Area 51 and it returned the same error as with Fred’s so that must be the video he wanted us to watch. Evidently someone else does not want us to watch it.

A.K. I was able to go into Chrome and get it. It says on it “See it at UFOtv.”)

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  1. Pamela says:

    This guy has great energy. Very brave. Very kind. Very intelligent. Very believable.
    These stories help to renew my faltering faith in humans.

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