Is Gordon Duff’s report on “highly unfriendly extraterrestrial threat event” a false flag?

Update, 9/20/2012: I notice that Michael Salla, of, has now picked up on this idea, too: Is Alien UFO False Flag Event on the Way?

Two days ago, I noticed a blog item by Kerry Cassidy on that spoke of Chinese and American ships together off the coast of San Francisco. I chose not to spread that news, sensing it either disinfo or fear-porn.

Then, yesterday, I was shocked to see a post by Gordon Duff on confirming her “intel” and furthermore, interpreting it, in what I consider the most extreme manner possible: war with nasty ETs!

UFO War: Chinese and U.S. Navy Off San Francisco

The story is so astonishing (and of course, it references the extreme technological prowess of the U.S. military), that it had even its author wondering. Here’s how Duff concludes:

“I either have to give this a 70% or reclassify a reliable official source as purposefully leaking something that makes no sense.”

The Duff post reminded me of Carol Rosin, what she’s been warning, for literally decades now (see Crone Chronicles (1989-2001), where I featured a story by Carol Rosin in every single issue beginning in the early ’90s), that war with evil ETs will be the final trump card of the cabal. The card they use after commies, terrorists, and asteroids have been exhausted. (What happened to asteroids, I ask myself. They’ve barely been mined for propaganda value.) Here she is, talking at the Disclosure Project press conference in 2001.

Rosin’s warning, which came to her via her mentor, Verner Von Braun, when she worked as an executive in the aerospace industry, has by now gone viral on the internet.

Rosin was also a featured speaker at the 2011 UFO Congress. Via the “Outer Space Security and Development Treaty” see, she seeks to keep her death bed promise to Von Braun to “make sure they don’t weaponize space.”

I’m glad to see that the comment sections of both the original Gordon Duff story and its repost on the site both included lots of savvy people who aren’t duped by this evil ETs story, view it as some kind of false flag, with a few even mentioning Carol Rosin.

The most interesting comments I came across were posted one after the other on the Jean Haines site. Here they are, with the first, to me, especially noteworthy:

Stunned at Sunset says:

General post,

I see two patterns emerging:

(1) The “Shadow Government,” under instructions from a beleaguered and desperate Cabal command structure were attempting to finally pull off “Operation Blue Beam” with an assault upon the West Coast — most likely using the “Battle for Los Angeles” scenario because, yes, they’re THAT unimaginative.

(2) Real off-worlders are playing “Catch me if you can” to traumatize the “authorities” into calling back much needed naval reinforcements now preoccupied with a ridiculous and completely unnecessary engagement near the Straits of Hormuz leaving the Netanyahu government to find out the efficacy of Iran’s military on their own.

Yes, it does seem far-fetched if you’ve never seen such anomalies in the skies above your heads but, if you have, as have the people of Mexico, Brazil, and–son of a gun–CHINA, then it’s not that really far-fetched at all. Somebody is shaking somebody down to draw off capability and capacity. When was the last time you heard the U.S. playing nice with the Chinese Navy? If an alien presence wanted to take us out, why would they putz around with the antique hardware native to this planet? Why wouldn’t they just send 10,000 ships and millions of warriors to just take us all out and be done with it. What! They can come clear across the Galaxy from home worlds hundreds of light years from here but they can’t take out a rag-tag contingent of conventional war ships in a “We mean business” display of bravado and sheer technological superiority?

Who is our government trying to kid? We’re all so much more sophisticated than we were when Orson Wells read “War of the Worlds” on the Mercury Theater back in 1935. Today, we have “Star Trek” and “Star Wars,” “Farscape,” and “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century! And, oh yeah, we also have “Battle for Los Angeles!”

  • While the ships may be antique hardware, I understand we do have weapons that are effective against alien threats. The ships are just platforms. That said, the post submitting the feint to cause redeployment from the gulf theory makes a lot of sense. I understand the Royal Navy is appearing in the gulf region as well. Are they there to replace the reduced US presence?

    I understood the Zeta’s and the reptilians had been mostly cleared out. Are these the Archons I have only recently been hearing about. I doubt the ships presence are just a distraction, since they have been denied. I do know I have never seen such a blizzard of MSM drama queening. I feel the ships have something to do with the mass arrests. I think the Chinese got involved to make dang sure we don’t let the arrest-ees escape.

    BTW: “Mass Arrests” (remember Drake?) was also Kerry Cassidy’s conjecture in her original blogpost on this subject.

    What are we to make of this developing story? Stay tuned. And as Jean Haines mentions, this may be the real time wave event of this extraordinary Uranus/Pluto week.

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Well if these little guys strike us during “Carnival”, they’ll blend right in. :–)

  2. dwight says:

    Ets=aLIEns=Gods=ships=jesus will not walk to earth lol.

  3. dwight says:

    The jew religion leader only human that needed jesus off the planet. Hebrew was a locked knowlegde untill -175bc to -164bc.

  4. dwight says:

    Obama not sure muslims believe in the Gods and or ets.

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