Uranus/Pluto revs up: I had a dream last night . . .

. . . actually, two dreams. A series, back to back. As a sort of one-two punch. Both of them very much in the explosive/controlling, revolutionary/evolutionary energy field of the now forming to exactness Uranus/Pluto square. Plus, as I awakened from the second dream, a word that I did not know I knew floated into awareness.

First dream: I’m lying under a tree in the twilight dark. The place and the tree remind me of Pierce Street, in Twin Falls, Idaho, where we lived until I was in 9th grade. I see/feel /notice a dark blobbish form, slugging across the ground by the tree to my right, near my head. It mires me, cobwebby, sticky, gooey, I can’t seem to get free. The struggle goes on for a long time. I wake up.

I realize instantly that this icky yucky thingie that got me was an archon, in the astral plane, trying, in a last ditch attempt to keep me from being myself — to keep the world from returning to its natural order. Instantly, I go into meditation, through the breath interjecting calmness and harmony into the world.

Second dream: I am painting, drawing, painting, drawing, a gigantic canvas, it gets bigger as I go? Wild, furious energy, huge dramatic feeling, while singing equally strongly and wildly, some of it operatic, some not. Feeling of being watched as I do this. Nothing stops me, it’s as if I’ve been taken over by the furies, and am at last moving enormous pent-up energy expressively, out.

Woke up from this second dream to a single word that I have never heard before, “meshugge,” or “mushegge,” or something like that. Looked it up:


meshuga, also meshugge, meshugah, meshuggah: crazy (Yiddish משוגע meshuge, from Hebrew məšugga‘) (OED, MW)

meshugaas, also mishegaas or mishegoss: Crazy or senseless activity or behavior; craziness (Yiddish משוגעת meshugaas, from Hebrew məšugga‘ath, a form of the above) (OED, AHD)

From Urban Dictionary:

“There are people who are such meshuggenehs that anybody they tell their crazy ideas to will end up being driven just as crazy. In a short while the craziness spreads through the population like a plague. When that happens, we’re meshugged.”

There’s also a band by that name:

Meshuggah ( /məˈʃʊɡə/)[1] is a Swedish extreme metal band from Umeå, formed in 1987.

I listened to about ten seconds of their “music” and read through some of their lyrics. Yuck. Feels nihilistic.

But wild and crazy? Yep, that’s me.

Crazy like a fox.

Let’s go.

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  1. I like your dream. My ex-son-in law took me to visit New York City and I took him to long Island to me my cousin who introduced him to several friends, one of whome was a wise old Jewish lady. Later after the journey I called my cousin and for some reason I asked what the old lady said about my son-in-law. She said, “messuggnaha!”

  2. Reading your dreams, especially through the next 4 months, when you feel moved to post them, offers us unique insights to your astrological analysis. Please do more.

  3. Victoria says:

    I am finding myself further and further, separated into my own worldview that are based upon all the things I have read, seen, heard and felt about our ascension in this year of 2012. I have had my eyes and mind open for years and am sadly discovering, even amongst the most “open minded” that they too are shut down and have wholeheartedly and enthusiastically swallowed the blue pill because that worldview is “easier” to digest. When I explain that the kool-aid has been spiked with poison, they too become angry with me. I need a new set of friends, church, school, etc. My worldview is now so separated from the blue pill matrix illusion/reality and their minions that I am ready blow this pop stand. When is “soon”? I don’t know but it better be “soon.”

    • isis2012 says:

      This is a great post …

      And Victoria … no doubt waking up brings about a separation in more ways than one … when I was first Light contacted, and started on this journey of enlightenment … it didn’t take long before perception of scripture separated me from the church where I was a Sunday school teacher, sung in the choir and had started my own unique TCTC Saturday meeting which the children there at the church …

      An awakening of consciousness separates individuals mentally and often physically from sleeping minds of family and friends … but this is very necessary because so many of us are not with true family, true friends nor true compatible mates … but I’m like you … something has got to happen soon …

  4. Victoria,

    An alternative I engage in while facing similar emotions as you report above, is to serve to change my own church while supporting those good programs I can still relate to. I haven’t related to my own church, it’s clicks, it’s closed minded attitudes, or much of the dogma, for over 40 years.

    I find I no longer relate to many of the narratives occurring in my mainstream church , United Methodist:

    ….but I do relate to a couple of their missions…. and you know, that may be just good enough for this incarnation of life.

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